• Dr. Herpy

Why You Should Sign Up For Web Design?

Have you taking Web Design before? If not, you should sign up. There’s is a a lot of reasons why you should sign up but i’m going to tell you three.

1. You can bond with friends

My best friend Michael Mercer and I became closer then before because of this class. We just make this class fun!!!! “I always have fun in Web Design,” said Micheal Mercer.

2.You get to “Show Love To The Website”

If we don’t have anything to help with for Mr. C. we go off and upload something to the website. Every day in class Mr. C. says “You have the rest of the block to… show love to the website.”

3. It’s a time to relax.

Even though you have to upload on the website, you can kind of go off on your own. You get to let your creativity out of your head into this class. If you show love to the website and get your articles in on time your grades should be on fire. You don’t have to worry about papers, homework, and tests.