• Dr. Herpy

Spring Break Trip Recap

The baseball team got back from Cocoa Beach, Florida about a week ago.  The Varsity team played 6 games and 1 scrimmage and the JV team played three games. The Varsity team went (3-3) playing good baseball at the beginning of the week but arms got tired towards the end. The JV team went (2-1) losing their only game to another varsity team. Senior Matthew Pecoraro said, “This trip was a success this year! It really helped us see how well we can do. It also put us ahead of all the other teams in our conference because we got to actually play for a week. I am really looking forward to the season to start and see what the future has to bring.” The Bombers will continue to play as many games as they can throughout the rest of the school year weather permitting, so check back soon for scores.