• Dr. Herpy

How to Help Cure Senioritis

Are you a Senior with a bad case of Senioritis? Well, I’ve got some tips to help manage. Senior Brock Dicillo said, “if its not due today, then don’t do it!”

  • start a countdown calendar
  • treat yourself you deserve it
  • go to yoga (let that stress out)
  • make the most of your weekends so when you have to come back to school it wont be as dreadful
  • celebrate the small victories like there big ones
  • remember there is less than 6 weeks left
  • keep a checklist
  • Look back on how much you have accomplished over the past 4 years
  • go shopping for that graduation dress or shirt

Graduation will be here sooner than you think so take a deep breath, you’ve got this.