• Dr. Herpy

Bring Your Dog to School Day?

Many students have fantasized of being able to bring their dogs to school, as they are the best pet (where’s the Cats page??).  In this article I’ll lay out the pros and cons of students and teachers being able to bring their pooches to school for one day out of the year.

Pros:  Having a day for students to bring their dogs will have many positive effects.  You’ll commonly hear from college students that when they see a dog it makes their day.  Dogs generally make people happy because good boys = good times, and that’s a fact.  Morale of students would increase if there was a bring your dog to school day, and that’s a fact.  All sarcasm aside, many would agree having this day would make people have a better time at school – refer to the poll.  Kenston would also stand out among other schools, as no other administration has been ambitious enough to have a day of this sort.

Cons:  There will be a lot of dogs.  A possible way to avoid this is by only allowing upperclassmen or only seniors to bring their dogs to school.  Students would also have to be responsible for their dogs’ business.  This could be handled either by allowing students to take them outside when necessary, or setting up a designated service for helping the dogs.

Do you think there should be a “Bring Your Dog to School Day”?  Vote with our new poll now!