• Dr. Herpy

Lost Website Categories

Over the course of the semester, I’ve learned a lot about the KHS Website while making my regular food reviews and required articles.  However, I’ve been noticing a lot of strange things that I think go unnoticed when I take a look around.  Abandoned drafts, unused categories, stuff like that.  Here’s some of the highlights that I found:

  1. An unused category labeled “Crying Jordan.”  I later found out that there was one article related to this, and it was during March Madness.
  2. The Kenston Kicks page.  Update when?
  3. An unused draft titled “Tyler Davis and Beans.”  I’m not quite sure what this would’ve been, but I’m not sure if I want to find out.
  4. A draft titled “Fortnite” where it shows solo, squad, and duo wins for a few students.  When asked about the article, Matthew Cassaro had this to say: “This is the most important section in all of the KHS Website, and it must be updated on a daily basis.  SOS.”
  5. “Kenston Grass.”  Literally.

I asked Mr. C about what this could all mean.  He said that it shows that students have different interests over the years, and that what one student finds interesting, another may find it to be boring.  He also said that one student’s humor can be different from another student’s humor, judging by the kind of ideas that people came up with for articles and categories.  Either way, interesting finds.