• Dr. Herpy

New Morning Announcements Bring Back The Pledge of Allegiance

American FlagInterestingly, all buildings in Kenston participate in The Pledge of the Allegiance each morning, except for the high school. So, the question was raised: why don’t we? When the new high school was built, flags were not purchased for each classroom. Feedback from some KHS staff members as well as students from Mr. Gabram’s Principal’s Leadership Council helped lead to the recent purchase of American flags for each room. Participation in The Pledge, however, is not required; the district recognizes and respects the personal rights of students and staff. Many are happy to be honoring our country and flag in the morning, yet again. Senior, Garrett Scocos, said, “We haven’t done this since middle school. I’m glad we have brought it back.”

The Pledge was written in August of 1892 by a minister. Words and phrases were added and rearranged over its early years. The original Pledge was intended to be read by anyone in any nation. While The Star Spangled Banner is usually read before sporting events and such, The Pledge is commonly said before meetings and the start of school. All non-religious hats and head wear are to be removed, during its reading.