• Dr. Herpy

WRC Bowling Tournament

Team PictureSaturday, February 11, was a long day for the Bomber Bowlers. Facing the seven other teams in the conference was no easy task. The host alley, Wickliffe Lanes, put out the 41 foot sectional oil pattern. This shot is extremely difficult to score on. The area of mistake is practically nonexistent—bowlers only have the board they need to hit, the board to the left, and the board to the right. Repeating good and fundamental shots was the key to success on the pattern. After three regular games and six baker’s, the Bomber Bowlers were finished. The ladies placed second in the conference, not far behind from the first place Mentor Cardinals. The boys finished seventh overall, which is impressive considering two of them are first-year bowlers. Everyone worked hard together to get through the tournament. Senior, Zach Eyler, said “You win some, you lose some.”