• Dr. Herpy

Attendance Matters

Attendance Hotline:  (440) 708-1811

Dear Parents/Guardians:  Please use this quick reference for student attendance matters.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for more detailed information:


Please call the Attendance Office when your child will be absent or tardy from school.
Attendance Office: 440-708-1811

Leave a message at the prompt: Student’s Name, Time calling, Grade, Date of absence, Reason, Name of person calling, Contact information.


If your child will be arriving late to school, please send a note with your child or call the Attendance Office: 440-708-1811 for the reason of absence (see message prompt above). You do not need to come in to sign in your high school student at the office.


Please send a note or call the Attendance Office 440-708-1811 and leave a message when your child will need to leave early from school. Please note: The time that you give is the time that your child will receive a pass to be released from the classroom.  Please allow extra time for your child to go to their locker and then go to the Attendance Office to do any required paperwork before they sign themselves out.

  1. With a parent/guardian note, phone call, or nurse approval the student will Sign Out and walk out for pickup at the Main Entrance circle (flagpole entrance) or drive themselves.
  2. You do not have to come into the school to sign your child out or back in upon return.
  3. If your student will be driving themselves, please allow time for them to walk out to the student parking lot, especially in inclement weather.

Doctor/ Dentist or Legal Note:  Please have your child return the doctor/ dentist or legal note (purple form from KHS or other documentation from the appropriate office) to the Attendance Office after their visit.  It will be considered an unexcused absence until the proper documentation is returned. Notes can also be faxed to the office at: 440-543-9021


If a student is sick during school, it is important for your child go to the Clinic first. The nurse will contact the parent/guardian regarding the sick child.   Please follow the Early Release directions (above) No# 1 – 2.


Students who need to ride a different bus after school will need a parent/guardian note submitted to the Attendance Office that morning.  The note should contain Student’s Name, Date, From Regular Bus #, To Temporary Bus #, and Parent Signature.


For vacations, college visits, or other planned absences the student must complete a Planned Absence Request Form and submit it to the Attendance Office at least one day before the departure.  (The Attendance office will need approval from the Asst. Principal’s office, so it is important that the form is returned the day before departure. Students will also be required to get Teacher’s signatures for classes they will miss.  Students can also obtain assignments in advance. Parent/Guardian signature is required.