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Kenston vs. Chagrin Rivalry Continues

Even though Kenston is no longer part of the CVC with Chagrin, the rivalry between the two schools has not died.  On Saturday October 1st, come out to support your school’s boys and girls soccer programs at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. as they battle against Chagrin in our newly finished stadium. Your teams will need all of the support they can get to win these games, so get as many people as possible to come out and show your Bomber pride at the games.   Anyone not attending the game will regret the opportunity to see Kenston beat out Chagrin one more time.  Don’t be that guy that when people ask “Where were you when the soccer teams beat Chagrin?” and you say “At home because I am a loser and do not take pride in our school’s sports teams.”  DON’T be that guy. We’ll be saving a seat for you, see you there.

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