• Dr. Herpy

Senior Mentorship

With the 3rd quarter coming to a close Friday, March 4th, the seniors will begin their final quarter of high school. As a fellow senior, it is scary to think about because most of us have grown up together through the Kenston school system since kindergarten.  Graduation day inches closer and closer but as graduation comes, so do more opportunities. One opportunity offered to every Kenston senior is the senior mentorship project. The mentorship project is a two week non-paid internship where students choose a local business and find a mentor so they can get a better understanding of the working world. Seniors going on mentorship have the luxury of finishing up their time at Kenston on Friday, April 29th, as opposed to May 24th for  the rest of the students.

Once students complete their two week mentorship they are required to complete a final project detailing their two week internship and the knowledge they were able to gain from their experience.  Fellow seniors Ryan Cozzens and Ben DeFranco expressed their excitement for mentorship saying, “It’s a great opportunity and I can’t wait to take full advantage of it” and “Mentorship is a great way to gain experience in the real world.”  I for one cannot wait to go on mentorship and I encourage all other seniors to participate in this awesome project!