• Dr. Herpy

Try Hockey For Free Day

On February 20, 2016, at the local ice skating rink, The Pond, youth hockey players got the chance to try out hockey in the Pond’s special “Try Hockey For Free Day.”  Hockey equipment and lessons can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars for young players looking to learn the sport. With the Pond’s special opportunity, new players are able to try hockey free of cost, with equipment supplied by the community. Your Kenston Bomber Hockey team, along with some other local high school teams all helped in the event. Kelly Pierce said, “Kenston should be very proud of their hockey team and how they represented themselves, their school, and the sport. Their station was full of energy and the kids just had a great time interacting with Kenston High School athletes.” Over 70 kids signed up to play hockey and will hopefully later go on to join the community as hockey players themselves one day.