• Dr. Herpy

Interview with Madame Wahl

I had the chance to interview the French teacher Madame Wahl. She teaches French classes II-AP and I decided that it would be neat to learn more about why and how she became a French teacher at Kenston High School:

Q: What inspired you to start learning a language?

A: “When I was in the first grade, I went to a birthday party where an exchange student from

    Norway was doing a slide show, and ever since then, I wanted to be an exchange student and      

    learn another language.”

Q: When did you begin to get involved and start learning French?

A: “I lived in Louisiana for two years and so I started there and then I finished French in high


Q: What do love most about the French trip every year?

A: “I love seeing the things that I have already seen through my students eyes and I get really

    excited that my students are having a culturally amazing experience.”

Q: What college did you go to?

A: “I got my undergraduate degree at Ohio University in Organizational Communication with a

     minor in French and Public Relations. I then got my Masters in Education at Kent State


Q: What were your plans after college?

A: “Well, after college, my goal was to be a Meeting Planner, which I was for a long time in

    Columbus, Ohio.”

Q: What do you love most about your job?

A: “I love the students and the fact that I get to use a language that I love everyday.”

Q: What is your favorite French food?

A: “Pain au Chocolat, which is a croissant with chocolate in the middle and it is REALLY


Q: What made you want to be a French teacher?

A: “I already knew how to speak French and I really loved the language, and my kids were

    growing up and I wanted to be where they were.”

Q: What parts of the French culture do you admire most?

A: “I love that the French take meals and their families very seriously. They have two hours for

    lunch everyday and they always try to spend it with their families.”

Q: Why do you think it is important for a student or anyone to learn a language, especially in the society we live in today?

A: “There are so many reasons to learn a language and especially to take advantage of what we

    have to offer here at Kenston High School. Our world is getting smaller as technology links

    us to so many other cultures. With the competitive rise in the job market of the future, it is

    critical to have knowledge of other languages.”