• Dr. Herpy

The Legend Michaela Barnes scored 1,000 points in her high school career!

Yes, it’s true! Michaela Barnes (senior) scored her thousandth point during the home game against Ravenna on February 8th. Michaela has been working hard since her 9th grade year to achieve this goal of scoring 1,000 points throughout the years. She is the 6th person ever in Kenston Basketball History to ever score 1,000 points through their basketball career at Kenston. I’ve spoken to Michaela personally about how important basketball is to her, and what I can do to achieve. I’m only a freshman at KHS, but if I continue to practice hard like Michaela does then I’ll be able to achieve the same goal as she did. Everyone is super proud of all of her achievements, but this one is the biggest achievement thus far for senior Michaela Barnes. She will attend Edinboro University on a sports scholarship. I’ve asked Michaela how she feels about basketball and she said, “Playing basketball is something I’m good at and I enjoy every second of it.” That’s a pretty solid answer for someone who’s been playing ball since she was in elementary school. I also asked her what two things will always win a game Michaela answered by saying, “Playing solid defense and making EVERY free throw counts.” Those two things could win or lose the game for any team, but the Lady Bombers excelled at both things and has had a solid season with a record of 16-5 (regular season games) and 12-0 (WRC Champions). Once again, great job Michaela and keep up the good work!