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Grand Way To Go

Published in The News-Herald
February 9, 2016
Justin Lada

Michaela Barnes scores her 1,001 point!After playing just half a season on the varsity team her freshman year, Kenston’s Michaela Barnes has put together a phenomenal career with the Bombers, especially as they are 16-5 in her senior season with a Western Reserve Conference title in hand.

To add to a year full of big accomplishments, she joined the 1,000-point club Feb. 8 with 20 points in a loss hosting Ravenna.

“I knew I was close.” Barnes said. “So I was anxious. It just happened. At that time, I was not thinking about it. I was really into the game. I looked up at the scoreboard, and I had as many points as I needed. Coach (Kevin Hinkle) called a timeout. It was great to have the support. Ravenna did a great job, coming up to me. The support was really nice.”

In a banner year for her and the Bombers, Barnes said her team deserves a lot of credit for her getting to this point.

“I think my team pushed me,” she said. “I knew I had to step up and be a leader for all of them. With that responsibility, I knew I could hit that 1,000 point. Know that it’s what I worked toward, it was a lot of motivation. Now that it’s out of the way, I feel a lot of stress relieved.”

Barnes said she scored 57 points in that first half-season on varsity. Working with her dad on a number of skills on the court, and some off, really helped her make the steps needed to improve.

“Leadership,” she said of her biggest improvement. “I did a better job realizing the role my team needed me to do. Honestly, I worked all offseason. Not just high school. I play AAU. When I’m not playing in the fall, it’s just me and my dad in the gym with a trainer. I’ve improved all my skills.

“Everyone knew me as someone who can drive and penetrate. Something I’ve done since I was young. Working with my dad, I’ve improved my jump shot and pull-up jumper. That’s been a key factor this season.”