• Dr. Herpy

Evan Starling Helps John Schlagbaum With Fashion

Evan Starling and John Schlagbaum

Senior Trend Setter Evan Starling shares his fashion statements with the younger generation.  Not only is Evan Starling basically ruling the school, but he is also a charitable person.  Evan enjoys helping out those less fortunate by giving them fashion advice.  This poor soul, John Schlagbaum, was lost when it came to style- until Evan came along.  Now look how sharp they both look!

One can only assume this is the direction style will take in the halls of Kenston High School.  Clearly Evan has struck gold again with this look and I think everyone is asking the same question: where can I buy a Hawaiian shirt?  Well sorry folks, but only Evan has the power to turn whatever you are wearing into genius fashion.  But instead of being somber about this, just admire Evan and John’s little guitars and flowers on their brightly patterned, out of season, shirts!

Everyone is eagerly waiting for Evan and John’s next move.  In the meantime, Evan and his band, Damp Rotunda, will be selling fashionable shirts that can help you try to obtain Evan’s level of style.  Spoiler alert: no one can be as fashionable as the above picture.  But hey, if Evan says these Damp Rotunda shirts can help, why not?  More information on the shirts to come, and for anyone struggling with style and class, just see Evan Starling and his protege John Schlag.