• Dr. Herpy

Science Olympiad

I had heard from numerous peers of mine that Science Olympiad is very challenging while simultaneously being a unique and engaging experience. I was then encouraged by several of my fellow students to attend a meeting just to see what it was like. Recently I took it upon myself to go to a Science Olympiad meeting. When I arrived at the meeting I had to undergo an initiation of sorts. I was put on the spot in front of the entire team and was asked to introduce myself, identify my favorite ice cream flavor  and finally favorite cereal brand. I was then welcomed with open-arms by all in attendance and was subsequently given a rundown of Science Olympiad’s objective and what occurs at Science Olympiad meetings and competitions.

After being welcomed with open arms to the meeting, I was given a packet that details all of the specific events that students are allowed to compete in and I was encouraged by team members to choose any events that I could potentially see myself competing in.  I could not believe how many different events Science Olympiad members have to choose from. The events range from anywhere from astronomy oriented events to robotics and technology. After looking at the events I started to interact with some of the other members and began to ask them questions about Science Olympiad. As I was doing this I saw students working diligently to study and prepare for their upcoming events. It was at this moment that I realized how committed these student are and I have the utmost respect for their tenacious and competitive mentality as well as their drive to learn and create.

So if there is anyone who has contemplated getting involved with Science Olympiad I encourage that you do not hesitate to give it a shot.  Science Olympiad consists of a great group of individuals and you will be welcomed with open-arms.  I would also like to wish the team luck on their next tournament this Saturday against Mentor. You guys have worked tirelessly and I hope that you succeed in your endeavors.