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Kenston Speaker Series: Upcoming Media Panel

Interested in pursuing a job in media? Simply want to learn more about media careers? On February 24th, Kenston will be hosting it’s second Speaker Series conference from 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. Students will have an opportunity to meet real media professionals and participate in discussions moderated by their fellow students. The panel consists of four to five professionals within the media field and a college representative. On the panel of professionals is Cleveland’s own Fox 8 reporter Matt Wright, who was generous enough to give students a preview interview on some key points they hope to cover in the meeting.

What interested you in entering media?

“I’ve always been interested in news and current events. My family watched the news during dinner every night. Then, in middle school, I had the chance to participate in a weekly TV broadcast of school announcements. I caught the “bug.” Then, I had the chance to do radio at Kenston High School and worked at my college TV station. It never really felt like work. It’s an exciting job that gives you a chance to have a front row seat to history. No two days are the same.”

What is one of the highlights of your career in media?

“I’ve had the opportunity to cover some major, national stories, and two of them stand out. When I was working at NBC2 in Fort Myers, Florida, the station sent me home to cover the ‘Miracle in Cleveland’ after the three women escaped from Ariel Castro. More recently, I spent a week covering the GOP debate in Cleveland and had the unique chance to interview several of the candidates. Both were unforgettable experiences.”

Why should students aspire to enter careers in media?

“There are so many facets of media that almost anyone can find a job that fits his or her skill set and personality. And, it’s a constantly changing industry. From TV, to social media and online, there are many opportunities. And, it’s an important job for society. Journalists keep those in power honest.”

What do you hope to accomplish at this seminar?

“I hope to give students a better understanding of the realities of my job and answer any questions they might have about reporting and how to succeed in the media industry.”

For more, make sure to attend the media installment of the Kenston Speaker Series! Sign ups begin Wednesday, February 10th.

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