• Dr. Herpy

CEC gets a Grant

One of the coolest classes at Kenston, Creating Exceptional Character, was recently given a generous teachers grant worth a lot of money.  It plans on spending the money on itself in order to better the class and its students.  Creating Exceptional Character’s class has been a great addition to the list of classes here at Kenston.  In this class students are given the ability to learn and work with kids that have different types of disabilities.  CEC has changed lives of numerous students, including one of the founders, Brenna Farrar, “I think CEC is a step in the right direction for the Kenston district, the students involved encourage friendships and equality in and outside the classroom which is something all schools should aspire to achieve.  A lot of neighboring schools have approached the leaders and administrators of CEC saying stuff like that, so I think that means that the club is doing a good job in pioneering non typical and diverse friendship.”  The Creating Exceptional Character’s Club has an exciting Valentine’s Day party coming up next month, stop by Mrs. E’s classroom to get a form to join the club!