• Dr. Herpy

AED Saves Girl During Volleyball Game

A video has gone viral recently telling the story of Claire Crawford: the 17 year old girl who collapsed from cardiac arrest during one of her high school volleyball games. Crawford, who plays for Loganville Christian Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, had recently undergone surgery for a burning sensation in her shoulder. She remembers that pain being there the night of the game; it was impossible to tell that a problem like that would lead to a heart attack. Her school had an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) system handy in case of emergencies. This system saved Claire’s life. Faculty had been trained for situations like these, so Claire was brought back to life on the court. Without the system and help of teachers, she most likely would have died.

This AED system should be placed, taught, and learned in all schools throughout the country. You never know when an emergency will happen. It’s scary to think about one of our friends collapsing during any of the sports events held by Kenston, so we should be ready to handle any situation that comes up. Claire was extremely fortunate that day because her school knew what to do. Kenston’s volleyball team and student body are praying for Claire and hoping that her recovery since October has been strong and successful.