• Dr. Herpy

Wear Green on Monday (2/8)

During the week of February 8-12 Kenston High School and the PEAK Ambassadors will be supporting “Start with Hello Week!”  During this week, we will be promoting the Sandy Hook Promise: Start with Hello.  The “Start with Hello Week” was designed to reach out to those dealing with chronic social isolation.  Social isolation basically means, a lack of contact with people or in some cases no contact with people at all.  Social isolation can happen to any person regardless of their age.

You can help bring awareness to the problem by participating in the Start with Hello Week!  On Monday February 8, we are having a “Wear Green Day” to promote awareness of social the cause.  All students who wear green will be awarded a treat at lunch.

Wednesday February 10, will be “Random Acts of Kindness Day”.  Students are encouraged to perform at least one random act of kindness that day.

Friday February 12,  will be “No One Eats Alone”.  No one eating alone is something that all students can help prevent.  If you see someone eating alone at lunch, ask them to join you.

If you want to find out more information about “Start With Hello Week”.  You can visit the official Sandy Hook website.  SandyHookPromise.org/