• Dr. Herpy

Introducing Chinese Club

Chinese Club

We are happy to announce that Kenston is introducing Chinese Club.  Three students made this club possible and they are sophomore Dayle Foster, senior Nicole Doran, and senior Henry Baur.  The objective of the club is to teach students about the culture of China and the language.  Some topics the club will study include vocabulary, cultural values, Chinese philosophy, Chinese cities, food, and the daily life of Chinese people.  The club is planning to play Chinese games like shuttlecock and ping pong, learn Chinese songs, have food days where students can bring in Chinese dishes that they make, go out to eat at a Chinese restaurant, write to a Pen-pal, and send care packages over to China.  You will learn about the Chinese provinces and how they are all different.  Sophomore, Dayle Foster lived in Shanghai, China for three years so she wants to share her experiences and teach people how China really is. The club meets every Wednesday during homeroom in Ms. Wang’s room, C225. You don’t need to know how to speak Chinese to join the club.  This club again, is focusing on the culture of China.  If you are interested in joining Chinese club, come to Ms. Wang’s room C225!