• Dr. Herpy

Chagrin Game Perspective From A Fan

I went to the Kenston vs. Chagrin Falls Hockey game on Sunday night at The Pond. The game was voted a white out on the Kenston Website. Kenston was on the other side of the Pond, so we had more space to stand and move around. We started out the game with a one goal lead and everyone cheered and went crazy. Then, shortly after our goal, Chagrin tied it up. We were silent until the puck came back to our possession. Once we had it, we scored again and cheered like crazy. Then Chagrin scored again. We were silent until we had the puck in our possession. Then the teams switched sides of the hockey ring. We cheered when we scored and were silent when Chagrin scored. Then the teams switched sides again for the next period. We were winning and then Chagrin scored to tie it again. We then scored a final time to win the game. We cheered. Sophomore Brandon Oakes said, “Let’s go cheer them on after the game.” When the clock had 10 seconds remaining everyone started to move to cheer on our team as it was the last game of the season at the Pond. After the team went into the locker room everyone left.