• Dr. Herpy

School Closing Alerts

School Closing Hotline: 440-564-2134

Visit OHGO for road conditions and Weather.com for the latest forecast.

School Closing Information (PDF)

In case of severe weather or calamity requiring school to be closed, an official announcement will be made via AlertNow phone call to the home and any additional contact numbers provided for students and staff. If you are uncertain about school closings you can call (440) 564-2134 for up-to-date information.

In the event we are unable to update this page, be sure to monitor local TV, radio or cable outlets. Kenston Schools subscribe to an emergency media notification list. All television and radio stations within Greater Cleveland receive notification of our closing. The speed in which the information is relayed to the public depends on each station.

USUALLY, if school is going to be closed, it will be decided by 6 a.m., and posted here ASAP.

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