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Jack Roman March 11, 2019
Web Star of the Week
Jack Roman

Jack has taken a great interest in updating our website. He created a special section to the class of 2019 page that has proven to be a viewer favorite, “Can You Guess These Kindergarteners?” In addition, Jack updates the Vine of the Day section, and is always willing to do anything I ask him. Thanks Jack! ~ Mr. C.

Bri Yurkovich March 5, 2019
Web Star of the Week
Bri Yurkovich

Senioritis has already set in, but not for Bri. She has been doing an awesome job adding new content to our website daily. Recently she introduced “Bri’s Video of the Day,” which I enjoy viewing every day. Thanks Bri!

Garrett Prepetit February 26, 2019
Web Star of the Week
Garrett Prepetit

Garrett gave up his entire Saturday this past weekend (2/16) helping our web cast of the Kenston Sectional Wrestling Tournament. He took almost all of the photos all day long. In addition, he has volunteered to take pictures of the Sectional Wrestling Tournament this coming weekend. Thank you Garrett. ~ Mr. C.

Daniela Salvini December 10, 2018
Web Star of the Week
Daniela Salvini

Daniela is very creative! She has helped create various graphics we need throughout the semester. She is always willing to help, and has a smile on her face to boot! Thank you Daniela. ~ Mr. C.

Harris Skaramagas December 6, 2018
Web Star of the Week
Harris Skaramagas

Harris has been a pleasure to have in Web Design this semester. He volunteers to do tasks no one else wants to do, and he has done this since the beginning of the semester. Recently, he created the template we used for the State Football Championship photo. Thank you Harris.

Kayla Carter November 19, 2018
Honorary Web Star of the Week
Kayla Carter

Kayla really helped out this past weekend. She went to Bomber Bash and took pictures all night for the website. She then came in today (Monday) and helped get them all edited and posted. Thank you Kayla! Did I mention, she is not even in my class this year? Thanks Kayla! ~ Mr. C.

Mr. Gabram October 15, 2018
Honorary Web Star of the Week
Mr. Gabram

Mr. Gabram held an umbrella over Mr. C.’s camera during the monsoon 2nd half of Friday night’s football game vs. Madison. If he hadn’t done that, the lens of the camera would have gotten wet, making taking pictures impossible. Thank you Mr. Gabram! ~ Mr. C.

Bella Benz October 1, 2018
Web Star of the Week
Bella Benz

Bella is an awesome writer! She has produced several lead articles for our website already this year, when she is only “required” to write two. In addition to her writing prowess, she volunteers to help with any task that needs to be done, and she does it with a smile on her face. Thanks Bella! Mr. C.