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Mix-It-Up Day A Success!

On Tuesday, February 19th during the lunch periods at Timmons, the students there had some special visitors come to see them. A small group of high school students came and had lunch with the children. Mix-It-Up Day is an opportunity for the elementary school students to sit with someone different during their lunch period. The day… Continue Reading

Dunder Murphlin Has New Products!!

To all Kenston students and staff, Dudner Murphlin has come up with new and stylish hooded sweatshirts. One sweatshirt design is Kenston themed that comes in the colors grey or maroon. The retro design features a Kenston logo with a star on the front, and the back incorporates a record design with the words “Bombers… Continue Reading

The National Guard Wants You

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019, I joined the Ohio Army National Guard. If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be enlisting into the military, I would have thought they were joking. But the truth is, you do not have to be the toughest, the strongest or the smartest to join the… Continue Reading

Kenston Band Performs at Tri-C High School Rock Off

By Garrett Koenig Kenston’s own Zu Kru Rejects performed at the 22nd annual Tri-C High School Rock Off, with lots of support from Kenston students and parents, but failed to advance to the next round of the competition. The trio got the crowd excited with John Palmer on lead vocals and guitar, Ronen Ku on… Continue Reading

Out West Recap

The Out West group of 2018 had an amazing trip. The trip went well without too many hiccups. The only hiccups included a stolen tent and 4 lost cameras. The cameras were eventually found but the tent was not. One camera was found months after the trip ended. This camera was thought to be left… Continue Reading

A message to juniors of the 2019-2020 school year

Attention sophomores! Did you know that we have a fully functioning radio station right here on campus? You are now eligible to sign up for the Entertainment Marketing I course. I have been in the class since the start of my junior year here at the high school. I personally can say that I have… Continue Reading

Classic Kenston Buisness Class

Classic Kenston, Mr. Kepreos’ third block business class is coming out with two new products this week! Their newest products consist of water bottles and sweatshirts, their designs have yet to be released but will be decided on February 6th. The sweatshirts will be selling for $25 and the water bottles for $12. These products… Continue Reading

What You Need to Know For Scheduling For Next Year

As of Monday, everyone in the school started the process for scheduling their 19-20 academic year. Every year, guidance counselors are bombarded with questions from students about how and what to schedule. We sat down with Mrs. Kardamis and asked her these questions so you don’t have to meet with your counselor. Q: What is… Continue Reading

Kenston Resource Officer Interview

Kenston Local Schools have many resource officers that rotate through all four buildings to protect the staff and students of this district. I had the opportunity to interview one of these officers named Frank Chickos. Thank you Bainbridge Police Department for keeping the Kenston staff and students safe! Kenston Local School Resource Officer Interview- Frank… Continue Reading