2019 Kenston Foundation Scholarship Criteria (pdf) or (docx)
CLOSED – 2019 Kenston Foundation Scholarship Application (pdf) or (docx)

Student Scholarship Information

The Kenston Foundation offers many different scholarships which are designed to help offset the costs of furthering a student’s education.  

  • Available to ALL graduating seniors who apply. 
  • Awards range from $500-$1,250 and some are awarded to multiple winners depending on the scholarship. 
  • To be considered, students need to follow the application instructions and include all supporting documents by the deadline date. 
  • Each scholarship has specific criteria that the student must meet in order to apply,  whether that includes a specific GPA, community service, or a certain area of educational focus.
  • Students are required to interview with the Scholarship Committee once the application is turned in.  A sign up sheet will be available in the high school guidance office.

New scholarships may be added at any time.

  • All applications need to be completed in full with all supporting documents for the application to be considered.  One essay per scholarship is required per the instructions. 
  • If  essays are combined the student WILL NOT be considered for either scholarship per the instructions. 
  • Students must apply and submit all supporting documents in triplicate and return their application packet to the guidance office before the deadline date and time.

Each year the Kenston Foundation awards between 25-35 scholarships with an average of 45-60 students who apply. 

  • The Scholarship Committee makes its decision to award scholarships based on the entire application submitted, including essays, recommendations and personal statements, as well as the in person interviews. 
  • The Scholarship Committee’s decisions are made in its sole and exclusive discretion in accordance with the criteria established by the scholarship donor.  If a student has a question regarding a particular scholarship award, the student is welcome to contact the committee members after the Senior Scholarship breakfast to discuss the Scholarship Committee’s decisions. 
  • However, the decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final and will not be modified. 
  • Additionally, the Scholarship Committee will not discuss applications, essays, or its decisions with parents of any students, even if the student provides his/her permission. 
  • The students are solely responsible for any follow up if they have questions.

2019 Scholarship Criteria and Application – CLOSED for 2019

STEP 1:  Apply

  • Print the application below and submit to KHS Guidance Office with all supporting documents in triplicate. 2019 Application deadline is March 15th.

Copies of the application will also be made available in the guidance office.

STEP 2: Interview Sign-up

  • ALL Students who apply must see Mrs. Hanzek in the guidance office to sign up for an interview with the Scholarship Committee.

Remember to follow ALL the instructions.  Any application that is Not submitted on time and complete will NOT be considered.