Julia Green – All District
World Music Percussion Instruments
Meinl African Rope Tuned Bjembe & Small Meinl African Style Rope
Used to create more authentic sounds for multi-cultural music and enhances the multi-cultural music curriculum across all programs K-12

Stephan Voudris – KHS
Mock Trail Team
Purchase of Case Files and Competition Registration Fees

Connie Kramer – KHS
(2) Standing Desks
Towards the purchase (2) Standing Desks
Standing Adjustable Desks have helped to improve student attitude, engagement and focus in the classroom.

Sondra Konski, Kristin Horn, Cassidy Powers – KMS
Study Island / Progress Monitoring of ALL 6th Graders
Study Island will be used 3-4 times a week in ALL 6th grade classrooms. Study Island is an on-line program differentiated instruction, based specifically on students needs. It will enable teachers to customize instruction based specifically on students needs, filling in the gaps in standard acquisitions. This program helps teachers get the data needed to drive instruction and to reinforce concepts in a concise manner, positive and fun manner helping the individual student to meet and exceed their potential.

Steven Hoffmann & Ryan Novak – KHS
2018 Spring Nearpod pilot program
The grant if for 12 Gold teacher licenses of Nearpod, once the feedback for the pilot program is received. Nearpod is a license program that allows teachers to incorporate interactive learning instruction based on the current lesson being taught. Each student can log onto the site and follow along and view the enhanced lesson. This is an interactive way to engage and enhance learning. The license will allow teachers to use pre-existing curriculum to incorporate into the lesson plan. For example, if a history class is studying Louis XIV of France teachers can incorporate a field trip using a virtual reality trip to the Place of Versailles. There is also an interactive poll that can provide data about how well students are retaining and understanding the material taught.

Maria Patyk – TES
Worms OH MY !!!
Purchase of Can-o-Worms composing Bin, Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm 91,000 worms and supporting materials. ALL Second Graders will explore hands on learning though observation and discussion on how living things can cause changes in the environment. Students will be able to see firsthand how living things work within their environment.

Josh Timmons – All District
Ozobot Classroom Kit
The Ozobot Classroom kits allows all the materials needed to introduction robotic and programming with a hands-on approach.

Korianne Krill – KMS
Purchase of 8 Break Out Box Kits for KIS ‘ Break Out Day’ for Math, Language Arts, and Science. This will be a creative way to bring excitement, challenge, teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity to learning at KIS.

Christian Barrus – KHS
RePlay for Kids Workshop Kit
KHS Physics students will modify 40 new electronic toys re-wired for external output connection. The New Electronic version of the toys will maintain their original function while adapted for use by special needs children. This is a one time project workshop where students will modify toys which will be distributed to special needs families in Northeast Ohio at NO cost to the child’s family.

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