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The Kenston Foundation

Recognizing academic excellence and personal achievement by our students, the Kenston Foundation awards annual scholarships to our graduating seniors.

Our Services

We bring scholarships and grants to seniors and teachers to further the education process.

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Senior Scolarships

Senior scholarships provide money that graduating students can use for a multitude of different things.

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Teacher Grants

Teacher grants provide crucial money so teachers can provide technology and other such items to students. This makes the education process better for more children by keeping them engaged and interested in their work.

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Kenston Foundation Products

These useful and fun products help to raise money for scholarships and grants, while also letting you show school spirt.

Previous Winners

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Max Seewald

The 2016 Nero Scholarship winner.

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Katharine Morey

The 2016 Sulc Scholarship winner.

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Mrs. Kosinski

The 2012 Classroom grant winner.

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Cameron Oakes

The 2016 Lanza Scholarship winner.

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2016 Scholarship Winners

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