About Our District

Message from Nancy Santilli

Inspiration does not come from one person or one place.  In schools, awe and wonder are all around us.  The experiences we wish to impart to our students while on campus are influenced by teachers, coaches, staff and volunteers; all collectively striving to inspire greatness. To connect, and unlock potential that creates possibilities for our students.

From the bus driver who greets a new kindergartner and their caring parent, to the custodian who recognizes students for picking up the stray piece of paper in the hallway, to the cafeteria helper who knows a student’s favorite meal, we are creating an environment where our students know that they are part of a larger caring community.

A connection with our students is the foundation for unleashing potential and motivating students to achieve maximum success. Teachers are dedicated to developing the unique talents and intellect of their students encouraging students to explore, create and delve deeper energizing them to learn. Our differentiated approach to teaching means the way in which we teach can be unique to the class, and the student. Students internalize information, connect, and become inspired in many ways. Different approaches create opportunities for teachers to truly connect with students, maximize relationships, develop trust and ultimately opens up the ability for students to reach their goals.

Lessons are designed to be challenging, authentic, and interactive not just between student and student but between student and teacher. Yes, our students inspire each other, and our students inspire our teachers. Creating “engaged learning,” where students actively participate in their lessons, is achieved through adaptation and openness. Where teachers encourage debate, challenge students to question the unknown, and adjust their teaching style based on the response and engagement level of their students.

Every day I find inspiration on the Kenston campus, where I see staff members and community working toward preparing another generation for their future and the possibilities that await.  I am continually rejuvenated by our students and their sense of wonder.

Bombers Fly Together! Together, we can make a difference in your child’s future.  Welcome to an incredible school year.

Nancy R. Santilli

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Kenston Local School District is for each student to achieve individual academic excellence and to maximize personal growth in a community which demonstrates and develops mutual respect, responsibility, and life-long learning.

Our Goals

Inspiring Student Achievement
Inspiring Citizenship (PEAK/Peaceful Environment at Kenston)
Inspiring Health and Wellness (Play Blue/Promoting Learning through Active Youth)
Inspiring Innovation (Go Green/STEAM/Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Math)
Inspiring Connections/Communication


Bomber History

As the story goes, before the formation of the Kenston Local School District, students at Bainbridge School were asked to come up with ideas for a school mascot. Why the Bombers? At the time, B-25 Bombers were constantly flying over the school from the Ravenna arsenal. Riding the wave of patriotism during World War II and having a special attachment to the B-25 that protected the freedoms our country enjoys and the servicemen overseas, the student body decided on the “Bomber” as the district mascot. In 1953, when Kenston Schools consolidated Auburn School and Bainbridge Schools, the Bombers remained adding a hint of red to our colors as homage to the Auburn “Redcats.”

District Statistics

  • Schools: 2 elementary, 1 middle, 1 high school
  • Total Enrollment: 2,858
  • Cost per Pupil: $11,560
  • 2017 Graduating Class: 248
  • Percentage of 2017 Graduates attending college/universities: 90%
  • Classroom Teachers: 192
  • Special Education Personnel: 35
  • Administrative Personnel: 14
  • Average Teaching Experience: 14.1 years
  • Advanced Degrees: 83%
  • Average Teacher Salary: $68,900