Winter Weather Preparedness

At the first sign of flurries, students across the district begin to wish for a Snow Day. We understand that the decision to close schools during inclement weather impacts your family. Our top priority is the safety of our students and staff.

Here is what you need to know:

How is the decision made to cancel school?

Many factors are carefully analyzed when making the decision to remain open or close schools in bad weather, such as:

  • Information on road conditions from township road departments, local law enforcement and our transportation department. Even if your street looks clear, dangerous road conditions may exist in the district.  Kenston Schools covers 54 square miles.
  • Amount of snow and ice accumulated
  • Whether or not the precipitation will continue throughout the day
  • Temperature and wind chill
  • Weather predictions (including those from the weather alert service)
  • Storm Timing
  • Building conditions (such as whether they have electricity, heat or water)
  • Parking lot conditions

Where do I get closing information?

The district uses many platforms to communicate school closings:

  1. Notifications will be delivered to you via our automated calling system, using both phone call and text messaging. We utilize the contact numbers provided by you in our Infinite Campus Parent Portal.
  2. You can call the School Closing Hotline at 440-564-2134
  3. Check our District Website, Twitter, Facebook feeds or local TV news channels
  • Twitter – @KenstonSchools
  • Facebook – Kenston Schools
  • Check your local TV news channels

How many days or hours can we miss?

State law now allows schools to change to an hour-based schedule eliminating the need for calamity days. At this time, we do not anticipate the need to make-up days due to inclement weather or calamity days.

What about bus service for non-public schools?

If school is cancelled for the day, non-public bus service will not be provided.

If school is cancelled for the day, will after-school activities be held?

School activities such as student performances, parent or committee meetings, parent/teacher conferences and all middle school and freshman athletic events and practices will be cancelled. However, varsity and junior varsity level athletic activities may still take place later that evening, weather permitting. The decision to cancel varsity and junior varsity contests and practices will be made by 1pm on the day of the school closing. Notification of any such closings will be available on the district’s and high school’s home page.

Are District Offices open when school is cancelled?

Generally, the Board Office will be open. District administrators and school principals will report to work when conditions are safe for them to do so. School buildings will not be open.