2018 Report Card

The State Report Card is a benchmark for schools statewide measuring performance on standardized tests.  It is one source of information that measures the success of students. At the building and district level, we use this information along with other internal data to continue to improve student instruction.  We have dedicated teachers providing quality authentic instruction and we recognize that improvement is an ongoing process. We continue to align our curriculum, add rigor to our lessons, engage our students and identify ways to academically support our students.

Today, the Ohio Department of Education released individual District Report Cards for the 2017-18 school year.  Six components included are:

  • Achievement – B
  • Progress – A
  • Gap Closing – A
  • Graduation Rate – A
  • K-3 Literacy – B
  • Prepare for Success – A.

New changes this year, include:

  • An overall grade assigned based on the six components.  
  • The growth/improvement for students with English as their second language (ELL).
  • Reporting how more small groups of students perform.
  • How well students do when re-taking high school end-of-course exams for their graduation pathway requirements.
  • Improvement measure for chronic absenteeism.

The district has made notable gains in Achievement, Gap Closing, Graduation Rate and K-3 Literacy.  Additionally, the released report card reflects our efforts in ensuring our students graduate on time and are academically prepared for their post-high school opportunities.  

Our ongoing focus on student engagement continues as we begin year three of our focus on student engagement and teachers as designers of student work.  Our teacher leaders and administrators at their grade levels, departments, buildings and the district level, work together to design meaningful curriculum for students.  

We appreciate the internal and external connections that support a Kenston education.  The Ohio Innovative Network and the Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio provide student services and important networking.  Our community and business partners in our business advisory committee, Kenston, INC, provide us with a network of resources for our college and career readiness activities and connections to real-world experiences for our students.

Now in its fifth consecutive year, Kenston Schools joined 85 school districts across the state releasing a Quality Profile report to its community.  The 2018 Quality Profile highlights some of our accomplishments and what we offer to develop “all-around” citizens that are prepared for life beyond the Kenston campus.