Seeking Citizens Advisory members

The Kenston Board of Education is currently seeking two (2) interested community members to fill positions currently vacant on the district’s Citizens Advisory Committee.

The Kenston Board of Education created the Kenston Citizens Advisory Committee (KCAC) at its November 2006 meeting. The purpose of KCAC is to serve as a conduit between the Kenston Board of Education and the Kenston Community by communicating, researching and providing education on strategic matters, reinforcing the district’s vision statement that “an exemplary school district is committed to establishing and maintaining effective partnerships with its community.”

By Monday, May 14, 2018, individuals interested are asked to submit the following documents of application to: President, Kenston Board of Education, 17419 Snyder Road, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023.

  • Statement that includes reason why the applicant desires to serve on KCAC and skills/strengths applicant would contribute to the committee.
  • Optional:  Resume, including background, education, experience and professional accomplishments.
  • One (1) letter of recommendation, and names of two (2) additional references.

Interviews with a Board committee and the KCAC president will be scheduled, with duties beginning September 1st. It is desired that the membership be as diverse as possible on a number of demographic and professional variables. Applicants with experience in public relations are welcomed.

KCAC is comprised of nine (9) community members and two (2) members of the Board of Education. Community members serve for three-year terms. KCAC will have a minimum of four meetings per year.