2016 Quality Profile

A successful school district places a high degree of importance on ensuring that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential inside and outside the classroom.  This profile helps characterize the overall educational value of your school district in areas that matter most in our community.

Kenston Local School District joined more than 70 school districts throughout Ohio releasing a companion to the State’s School District Report Card.  Called a Quality Profile, the report includes additional accountability measures that better define a high quality education and are not captured by the state report card. Since the state’s release date has been moved to later in the year because of changes made to the state testing program, the profile will provide communities with their first look at current information to assist them in assessing district progress.

The Quality Profile helps to evaluate the effectiveness of a school district beyond standardized testing measures. The content is based on six categories; Academics, Arts, Student Leadership and Activities, Parent and Community Involvement, Student Services and Fiscal Stewardship.

Participating districts initially surveyed residents to determine factors they value in their child’s education that are not being measured by the state, resulting in a more comprehensive profile that measures those education components that the community considers most important.

Now in its fourth year of development and being released statewide for the third time, the Quality Profile is sponsored by the Alliance for High Quality Education, a statewide education consortium that works to improve educational opportunities for students and to represent member districts on matters of educational policy and funding.

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