Over the summer, we updated our WIFI network. If you’re a guest user, you may use our network as well. This is handy for parents or visitors or attendees during sporting events.
The guest login works a little differently:
    1. Make sure your device is WIFI enabled, and connect to the KENSTON network.
    2. Once connected, open a web browser, and navigate to any website that does not require a secure connection, like
    3. You will be prompted with a new splash screen for Kenston’s WIFI, asking for credentials.
    4. Select ‘Guest’ login, and provide your information like name, and cell phone number.
    5. Our system will text an access code to the cell phone number provided, and after entering that, the guest will now have limited access to our network and internet.
    6. After 24 hours, the guest login session will reset, and the guest will have to authenticate again.