Ipads in the Classroom

IPads in the classroom:

  • The technology day at Kenston included an IPad/apps class presented by two of our colleagues, who are teachers at Timmons Elementary.   It was refreshing to have open time to explore apps for the classroom.  One may think this is convenient, however, as a kindergarten teacher; it is extremely difficult to find the time.  The intentions have been there, however, the use of apps is not on a deadline or assessment, therefore, the time has not been there to explore.  I enjoyed having the two teachers in the building present, and they did a great job of getting us started on the use of ipads and the downloading “apps” process, recommending some useful ones for us to load.  They made themselves readily available to help and answer questions the entire time.  The best part of this class was the gift of time to do something meaningful and fun for my students at the same time!  I have been to countless professional days where it has been a lecture or presenter talking all day, and this was the complete opposite.  I appreciated the time to work on something hands-on that will influence my student’s motivation and success in the classroom. The icing on the cake is the amount of free apps available and downloaded instantly!  It was also fun creating a “wish list” for my class.  Certainly, some of the apps we found during this time need further investigation to determine quality and accessibility, however, overall it was a great session with hands-one time to work! 
  • The use of iPads in Kindergarten to enhance language arts and math instruction for all levels of ability is an effective reinforcement of newly acquired skills.  Early literacy skills include: phonics, learning the alphabet, rhyming, sight word vocabulary, letter writing, initial sounds, CVC words, sounding out words, reading, and story writing.  Math concepts that can be found and reinforced include; counting, learning shapes, patterning, sorting, money, visual memory, number writing, number recognition, number order, counting on, addition and subtraction.
  • There seem to be countless iPad applications available for use in Kindergarten classroom and seem to be particularly effective in literacy and math centers where students can use them independently and purposefully to reinforce and practice skills.
  • Some of the many apps available for Kindergarten students that we are:
  • Pocket Charts! Pro combines 20 pocket chart activities for your child to use on the Ipad.  This app gives children a fun way to practice adding and subtracting, sorting blends and digraphs, spelling 3 letter words, combining images to build compound words.  Even the early learners can count, sort, match colors, shapes and match upper to lower case letters.  The app allows you to turn the voice option on or off.   It allows kids to try out possible answers without an immediate error message.  Good Neighbor Press, Inc.


ABCya.com WORD BINGO Practice reading and spelling over 300 Dolch sight

  • words.  The list is composed of words that are grouped by level.  The app consists of four diferent games.


Word Bingo: Listen to the word the Bingo Bug speaks and tap on the corresponding word on the screen.  Get your words correct vertically, horizontally or diagonally to get BINGO and win.


Spelling Practice: Tap and drag the letters the BINGO bug speaks.  Spell ten words to play a bonus game.


Word Fling:  You have 100 seconds to find as many BINGO bugs as possible and fling them in the warp zone.


Word it Up: Stop the word blocks from staking up to the top of the screen.  Tap on the word the BINGO bug speaks to get rid of the block.



  • Emantras INC. Measurement HD.  Kindergartners can get introduced to basic concepts of measurement such as weight, volume and length.  It has been developed based on the Common Core Standards. The app comes with five activities to teach your child a measurement concept.


Scale Tale introduces children to the concept of weight.


Fill Me Up:  Allows you to teach your child about volume by filling  pitchers with liquids and filling up cookie jars  minus the mess!


Long and Short:  This game presents two objects of different lengths and you can tap on the one that is longer or shorter.

Action Months: This game introduces the concept of duration of time.  Kindergartners can practice the names of the month.

Some of the many apps available for Kindergarten students that we are:

Kindergarten Ipad Apps