Week #16: December 10- December 14

Our 4th grade students are working with digital pattern blocks this week.  They have a choice board to choose different symmetry, perimeter, and creating a picture.  They are to “create a copy,” “rename,” complete 3 activities, choose 1, and then “add” it to the Google Classroom.  So many tech and math skills here.

Our 5th grade students have finished the Math Money Madness commercials and will be viewing them next week during lunch periods.  This week, students got to complete the Hour of Code, learn WHY coding is important, and learn some important role modeling in computer science.  Ask you child where the term “computer bug” came from!

Week #15: December 3- December 7

IT”S THE HOUR OF CODE for our 4th grade students this week.  Nationally, it is computer science week and the hour of code takes place.  We use the different activities in code.org.  We also discussed Grace Hopper and how the term “BUG” came to use.   Also part of the discussion is WHY we code and WHY it is an important skill to learn.

Fifth Graders are finishing up their Adobe Spark projects.  Students are able to finish these from home.  Next up for our 5th graders is the HOUR OF CODE next week.

Week #14: November 26-November 30

KIS 4th Grade Students were able to work through a rotation type class this week.  One station was a review of using CAT JR, our online book catalog to see what books we have here in the media center.  A second station was a design center creating dwellings from Ancient Indian Cultures.  The third station was a task card/QR Code station where students answered questions about the different Indian Cultures and then scanned the QR code to check if they were correct.

Our 5th Grade students began their Adobe Spark Commercials for the Math Money Madness project.  Students are taking photos and videos and learning how to change the files to add them into this program.  They are turning out very well!  We will finish these up next week.

Week #12 and #13: November 7-November 20

Our 4th grade students are enjoying working through a Google Slideshow and writing persuasive letters to ME to urge me to not eat turkey for Thanksgiving.  They watch a series of videos where they learn about persuasive letters, voice, turkeys in general, and much more.  Then, in groups, they write a rough draft.  Lastly, students take turns typing this letter into a Gmail message to me.  They will receive a reply!

Fifth grade students are working on a collaborative presentation where they choose the tool: slide, drawing, letter etc…. The topic is People in Technology.  They have to research different laws in technology, pros and cons of technology through the ages, what other occupations use technology, how technology affects individuals, to name a few.

Both groups of students are working on these projects up until the Thanksgiving Break.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Week #11: October 30-November 6

NOVEMBER!! How are we here already?! Time flies when you are having fun!! 🙂

This week our 4th Grade Students are beginning Course E in our code.org Computer Science curriculum.  They learned the beginning of algorithms of programming doing a lesson called, “My Robotic Friends.” Students were programmers and robots decoding and debugging codes their classmates wrote for different cup configurations.  They are having a blast while learning!

KIS 5th graders began a project combining technology and music.  They are reviewing the databases available to them through INFOhio and our Kenston Libraries website.  We discuss what the difference is between a database and a website,  and searching vs. researching.  These skills are so important for our students!  Then, they used those databases to research World Cultures in music, as this is what they have been studying with Miss Mason in class.

Week #10: October 23-October 29

This week, all KIS students are exploring the two eBook resources: Sora and Storia.  Students were given a username and password to glue into their planners for Storia.  The credentials for Sora are: Enter District ID (Lunch Code) Enter Birthday (MMDD).  Our 4th Grade Students also were reminded of BookFlix (another INFOhio resource like Storia) that they were introduced to at Timmons.  Check out my “Parent Resource” tab for links to introductory videos of Sora and Storia.  Happy Reading!

Week #9: October 16-October 22

This week, all students are working on choice activities around the theme of Fall/Halloween.

Activities include:

-Copy/paste images to create a Jack-O-Lantern and write a poem about it in Google Slides

-Use shapes in Google Drawings to create a fall scene

-Use Emojis in a rebus style fall writing in Google Docs

-Pixel Art in Google Sheets with conditional formatting to create a picture

-Creating a WANTED poster in Google Drawings for a villain and writing WHY he/she is wanted for ransom

-Magnetic Fall/Halloween Poetry using Google Drawings

-Checking out previously used Google Doodles and reading about the creation behind them

Along with these activities with TONS of skills, comes the procedures to “Add” assignments and turn in work to Google Classroom.  The students are having fun!

Week #8: October 8-October 15

This week, 4th Grade Students are working on an Internet Safety Form and also creating either an Internet Safety Poster or Meme in Google Drawings.  This lesson is a challenge for submission to Google Classroom, creating a project, layering in Google Drawings, and so much more.  It is a fun lesson!

Our 5th Grade Students are working through the first few lessons of the Code.org Computer Science Fundamentals Course F.  This course provides “Unplugged” and “Plugged” activities relating to coding, algorithms, programming, designing, and so on.  This week, students were robots and programmers.  They got a chance to write a program for cup stacks that the robot “friend” would follow.  Some programs needed to be “debugged” which resulting in re-thinking and changing the algorithm.  This design thinking was so much fun! Our 4th Grade Students will be working through Course E.

Week #7: October 1-October 5

KIS 4th Grade students are working on a discovery activity in Google Maps.  This includes listening to the book, The Scrambled States of America.  Students have activities that are required, such as finding areas in the map in California that relate to the book, Dear Mr. Henshaw, by Beverly Cleary.

KIS 5th Grade students are finishing up some Internet Safety Review in a new tool called, Pear Deck.  Then, students are completing the 6 games in Internet Safety by Common Sense Media.

Week #6: September 24-September 28

KIS 4th Graders are working on their last Pear Deck module for the Google Curriculum, “Be Internet Awesome!”   Up next week, students will be creating Internet Safety Memes as a culminating activity.

Fifth Graders are doing a review of all Internet Safety rules from the Google Curriculum they experienced last year using the Pear Deck tools as well.