Field Day Reminder

May 13, 2019
Dear Parents/Guardians,
The weather looks to be favorable the next two days for our Field Day Events.  Unless it is raining, we will be conducting these events outside.  However, because of recent rain, we expect that there will be soggy/muddy areas of the grass that the students will be playing on.  If possible, it would be a good idea to consider your child to wear old tennis shoes and bring a change of footwear to wear home.  They might want to also bring a plastic grocery bag to put their muddy shoes in to either carry home with them or put in their book bags.
Students are NOT permitted to wear cleats.
The KIS PTO will be providing healthy Snack Stations throughout the day for the students as well.  Students should not bring snacks to carry with them.
Other items you may also want to consider for Field Day:
A hat to block the sun
Sunblock (Teachers are not permitted to apply to students)
Water Bottle
Sweatshirt or Light Jacket
Tuesday, May 14- 5th Grade Field Day
Wednesday, May 15- 4th Grade Field Day

Adam Fender
Kenston Intermediate School