TES Groups

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Flexible thinking –This group builds social skills and teaches children how to be aware of others thoughts and feelings in social situations. It promotes flexible thinking and problem solving.
Circle of Friends– This group gives students tools to help them be more successful in the area of making and keeping friends.
Girl Talk– This group gives participants new skills for speaking up when it comes to expressing their feelings and confidence in coping with relational aggression.
Changing Families- This is a support group is for children who are experiencing a change, or having trouble dealing with a change in family dynamics.
Cool Kids– This group gives participants concrete tools to help with anger management. It teaches ways for them to self monitor and apply their “cool tools” in social situations.
Worry Busters– This group is designed to help students who worry. It will give tools to help recognize their triggers and also help them calm themselves down in stressful situations.
Grief and Loss– This is a support group for students who have experienced a major loss in their lives.
Shining Stars- This group is designed to help participant recognize their personal strengths and use them to feel more confident.

Support groups will run for six weeks (Changing families, Grief and Loss)
Behavioral intervention groups will run for a minimum of six weeks, and will include an intervention to help support the child in the classroom.