TES Random Acts of Kindness Week 2015

In February, students   celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Week.  Each day of the week, we had a different theme:

Monday was Share a Smile Day.  (Students each received a smile sticker to remind them to share their smile all day.)


Tuesday was Give a Compliment Day and Mix-It Up at Lunch Day.  First graders made Compli-mats.  Each child created a place mat and every other classmate wrote a compliment about that child on the placemat.  Watching the children read their placemats and smile was priceless.IMG_1695

Wednesday was Please and Thank You Day.  Many students took the opportunity to write a thank you note to someone who does things for them all the time that they may not always remember to thank.

Thursday was Invite a New Group of Friends to Play at Recess Day. IMG_1687

 Friday was Pay it Forward Day.  Students focused on doing a kind act for someone at school as well as at home.