Welcome to the Timmons’ Music Homepage!

Mrs. Gedeon and Mrs. Bowers both teach music at Timmons


Mrs. Gedeon Teaches the Following Classes:

Kindergarten: Appell, Bryne, Hockaday, Thomas

First Grade: DeFrancesco, Edwards, Kempski, Svajger

2nd Grade: Carter, Lewis, Malloy, Nutter

3rd Grade: Hastings, Orange Team, Perrine, Spicuzza


Mrs. Bowers Teaches the Following Classes:

Kindergarten: Faini, Hope, Il’Giovine

First Grade:  Huml, Mather, Siko

2nd Grade: Bularz, Nagaj, Patyk, Raphael

3rd Grade:  Aurand, Morehouse, Suba, Yellow Team

General Information

Children in all grade levels will learn about pitch, rhythm, style, form, texture, and tone color by singing, playing classroom instruments, using movement, participating in classroom discussion, creating music, and performing.

Classes will meet twice a week for 40 minutes.  Half day kindergarten classes will meet once a week for 40 minutes.

Check out our entire site for the following information:

  • Classroom Expectations
  • Contact Information
  • Performance Information
  • Photos/Tweets
  • Once we start playing recorder, Third Grade Parents may be especially interested in our Recorder Page if your child is struggling with playing the recorder!