5th Grade Academic Tutor

Mrs. Friedman

Mrs. Friedman

Student Support Center Suite 1

     I will provide reading support/coaching to a targeted group of fifth graders.  The focus will be on fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, decoding, and writing.  One of the main components of our program is the Leveled Literacy Intervention program or LLI.  This program is designed to improve one’s literacy achievement through small group reading activities.

    The LLI program:

         *engages students with high interest stories using various genres

         *matches text level to reader’s instructional reading level

         *encourages thinking deeply about the text and making inferences

         *focuses on comprehension of fiction and non-fiction texts

         *teaches word patterns to assist with reading and spelling new words

         *promotes smooth, phrased reading

         *allows for analyzing, predicting, and making connections personally and within the text

        *uses writing to extend comprehension

     Please feel free to contact me through email at corie.friedman@kenstonapps.org or through the KIS office at (440) 543-9722.

     On your mark, get set, READ!


     Corie Friedman

 Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

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