November 5, 2018

I can’t believe it’s November already. The school year really flies by after Halloween! We are reviewing the 4 types of sentences in morning work as well as having a word study group going. We passed out our Topic 3 study guide today. We are having our test next Monday. Math facts times charts will not be allowed for the test and many kids are relying on it. They really need to be studying to have their facts fluent. They can potentially understand 100% of our test but get a 0% if they don’t know their facts. The process is important but it comes down to knowing facts in order to multiply! In Reading, we are wrapping up our second book group this week. Next week we will be focusing on writing and on Nonfiction text features and summaries. Book Fair is this week!!! Tuesday morning before school is Breakfast and Books for 4th grade and Wednesday from 6-8pm is Popcorn and PJ’s!

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read at least 20 minutes. Many kids need to finish their book group pages

Math- Topic 3 test next Monday- use study guide. Pg 135-136 ODDS only!!!

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October 29, 2018

Happy Monday! We kicked off our largest unit in Science today on how Earth’s Land has been changed and continues to change. We will be looking deeper into how Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition changed land as well as other natural forces such as earthquakes and volcanoes. This is always a very engaging unit for the students. This week we are almost into traditional multiplication territory. You’ve been good sports and have hung in there with your kids during our exploratory search for different ways to multiply. But don’t worry- you will have your chance at another “Teach your Parents” homework this week! We are starting another book group. We passed out our new books and looked through them today. The kids will be reading their books with a focus on Character Development and Theme. The Fall Party is on Wednesday afternoon. The school sent out an email regarding the policies- no masks covering faces, no hair or face paint, and not weapons. Any questions? See the office!

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read at least 20 minutes

Social Studies: Quiz on Friday about the jobs of each branch of government. Know the title and what they do. Study all green things in folder

Math- pg. 123-124 ODDs ONly for 3-5 HW pages due tomorrow. 1-2 Homework Buddy Pearson online assignment due Thursday.

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October 25, 2018

Happy Thursday! It seemed like a Friday today for many of us! Tomorrow we will be happy when we can all put our pajamas on at 4:00pm and hang out with our families! I’m pretty sure most normal people do that- I mean I do and I think I am fairly normal! Anyway, we are going to writing our final Theme/Character Trait Paragraphs tomorrow on the Chromebooks. We have been having daily mini lessons on writing mechanics and editing for content. We have spent many, many hours!! I am excited to see them all! We will also have another Pearson Online HW assignment due next Thursday. I will assign it tonight so the kids can get started on it and have it wrapped up before Halloween night. I will highly encourage kids to complete it before trick or treating as that would be a terrible things to have homework on Halloween!! Our Fall Party will be on Wednesday. The kids can not come to school in custome. They will have time in the afternoon prior to the party to put it on before we head down to the Monster Mash Bash. It is always a fun day!

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read at least 20 minutes

S.S.- first amendment quick Check on Friday- use green sheet at OSW #4

Math- 3-5 worksheet due tomorrow

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October 24, 2018

It was great meeting with the second round of parents last night! Today, we wormed in our first discussion of Factors and Multiples in Math. This is a concept that we start exploring now in our Multiplication and Division units and then we are applying it during our Fractions unit after winter break. Here is a video that we watched in class today that really helps explain how Factors are like “unmulitplying”

In ELA, we are finishing up our paragraph writing on our novel from book group. We are writing about characterization and theme. We have been learning how to incorporate topic and conclusion sentences which introduce and wrap up our writing. We are also looking at using specific events from the novels to support our ideas. We have spent a long time using our 2 rough drafts to learn about editing our work and to self assess. This is a difficult concept which we will be spending time on all year. We are excited to have our first true writings completed. Look for more to come. We start our next book group next week with more exciting novels!

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read at least 20 minutes

S.S.- First Amendment Quick Check on Friday- use green sheet and OSW #4 in their SS folder or HW folder to prepare

Math- Homework Buddy 3-1 on Pearson online is due tomorrow morning. 

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October 23, 2018

Tonight is round two for conference day. It was a pleasure to see all the parents last Thursday and I am looking forward to seeing the rest this afternoon/night. Our second Homework Buddy Pearson online assignment is due this Thursday. It is a review of 3-1 and it is mostly mental math. Most students will not need to write any work done but if they do, they know they need to turn that in. Most often, the kids will be required to turn in their work but not this assignment. On Friday, there will be a quick check of our first amendment. The kids have green papers in their SS folder which will help them prepare. in Science, we are halfway through our ecosystems project. The kids were notified today that they will need to take stock of their colored pencil levels afterwards. There will be many kids who will need to purchase new/more pencils. In Reading, we are wrapping up our book groups with our writing assessment on Theme and Character Traits. We are taking this week to review Topic and Conclusion sentences. Today, we took their first rough draft paragraphs and looked at the content. We then started to rewrite our drafts since we realized we had a lot of scribblings and corrections. We will then look at editing for writing mechanics tomorrow. We will peer and self edit on Thursday with time to make final corrections. Friday, we type our final! Also on Friday is Dress As your favorite Era Day!- 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s…. 

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read at least 20 minutes

S.S.- Friday -1st amendment quick check

Math- Pearson 3-1 Homework Buddy online assignment due Thursday morning.


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October 17, 2018

Last night to finish up Pearson Online Homework Buddy 2-2 assignment. We started it last week together and it is due tomorrow. We will then get another assignment tomorrow that is due next Thursday. This will be an ongoing weekly homework assignment. I like the Thursday to Thursday as we have many Monday and Fridays off though out the year. As of today, 8 students needed to finish and SUBMIT their assignment. They also need to turn in their work that they did on a separate sheet of paper. No work- no points. I need to see their thinking so that I can see their breakdowns. I only see their percentage for the assignment and that doesn’t give enough information. I told them that their dog may have given them all the answers!! Conferences are tomorrow and next Tuesday. There will be no homework on conference night except reading and if they need to work on the ongoing Pearson Homework Buddy.

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read 20 minutes

Math- Pearson 2-2 Homework Buddy Online Assignment (see above) and Mystery Multiplication Math worksheet

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October 15, 2018

Happy Monday! The weather has changed dramatically once again. It is definitely fleece and jacket weather. Unless it is raining, the kids go out for recess every day. Please make sure they stay healthy by sending them in with a warm coat. Also, Mr. Fender has announced many times that unless it is projected to be over 70 degrees, shorts are not allowed to be worn. Kids will be sent up to the office until someone can bring them pants. Our first Pearson Online Homework Buddy Assignment is due this Thursday morning. The kids started it in class last week (2-2). The kids were given graph sheets  to do all their work on. The kids must turn in their work in order to receive credit for their online assignment. When the kids are done with their assignment, they can turn in their work to the Math bin. They were told they don’t have to wait until Thursday. Thursday is simply the last morning I will accept them. That really means that kids need to finish their assignment on Wednesday night since it is due first thing in the morning here at school. Conferences start this Thursday and will continue the following Thursday. Thank you to all who signed up. The link will be up until Wednesday at 3:30 and then it will be taken down. If you need to check your time slot, please do so before Wednesday. Report Cards will be posted on Infinite Campus this Friday at 3:30. You will not receive a printed report card anymore. They are all online in the district. With our many absences, I am not posting grades until Thursday to try and get all missing grades in. That means there might still be a change in what you see now and what you see on Friday afternoon if your child was absent.

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read at least 20 minutes

Math- Pearson Online 2-2 Homework Buddy Assignment (see above) due this Thursday with work. 3-1 pages 99-100 ODDS are due tomorrow. It is a review from last week. Also, practice Math multiplication and division facts. We are getting hot and heavy into the unit and kids must be fluent with their facts in order to succeed! 

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October 8, 2018

Tomorrow is our Topic 2 test. We reviewed for our time today. The kids are bringing home a red banded paper that is our practice test. Just like last test, this is the best thing for the kids to study tonight. They can also review the study guide and then do one or two questions from each topic/lesson green packet page that we didn’t do in class. We really focused on the write and solve and equation last week. An equation ALWAYS has a variable or letter in it. The letters stands in for the unknown part of the equation that the kids are solving for. In Reading, we finished our class novel, Dear Mr. Henshaw today. The kids will be starting their book group novels tomorrow. We have 4 books in the class that the kids will be reading one of. They will be reading independently each day and meeting together with a teacher for small groups through out the week. The book will only come home if your child did not finish the reading for the day. They will be expected to finish that night for homework (a part of their 20 minutes of reading) We are super excited!!!

Tonight’s Homework:

Don’t forget to sign up for conferences if you haven’t already- But make sure you sign up for the correct one. Any questions? email me!

Reading- Read for at least 20 minutes

Social Studies- Government Vocabulary quiz on Thursday

Math- Topic 2 test tomorrow- see above

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October 3, 2018

Tomorrow is the scheduled Run A Thon. Please have your child come in clothes that are comfy to run/walk in and sneakers. If we need to reschedule due to rain, Mr. Fender will let you know of the day and time. We will be running/walking at 12:15 so I will be encouraging the students to have a leisurely recess! We are preparing for our Topic 2 Math test on Tuesday. We have learned all the concepts and will now focus on the higher level multi step problems that are harder.  Many students still want to just jump headfirst into a problem with out even knowing what the problem is asking them to do. We are working very hard at getting the students to STOP and THINK first. Go through an inner monologue that says something like this- ” What am I being asked to do? Are there any key words that can help me determine this? Are there any hidden steps or questions that I have to do first before I can answer the problem? Does my answer makes sense and what can I do to double check?” These are all questions that reflective students ask themselves. You can help your child at home by using these questions to prompt them.

Tonight’s Homework: 

Reading- Read at least 20 minutes a night

Science- Ecosystems vocab quiz tomorrow

Math- subtraction and addition worksheet- they MUST do both the problem and the inverse/opposite operation to check to get credit. We did first two problems to set expectation. No excuses!!! Topic 2 test on Tuesday- use study guide

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October 2, 2018

We worked in small groups today to review rounding and adding and subtracting with regrouping. I’ve observed that many are still needing more practice with reading the “ABOUT” sneaky key word in word problems and they are adding instead of estimating/rounding. Please add more of these problems to their study time. We will be creating our own quiz on class for you, the parents, to take!! I’m sure you will be so happy to do more 4th grade Math!!! In Reading, we are continuing with our novel, Dear Mr. Henshaw and working with the specific skills of characterization. We are looking at how to identify character and personality traits from their words, actions, feelings, and thoughts. In more mature books,  the author does not come out directly and tell the students. They need to infer these from what the character says, thinks, does, and feels. We are also looking at how characters change and grow from beginning to end. This is why it is so vital that students are not dumping books. They will never get to experience this and it will be a skill they simply won’t have and can never practice. Don’t forget that we have a Science Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday. We have set side time in class to study but the kids should still be looking at their words at home each night. Friday morning is our trip to the high school to watch the KMS performance of their musical. Thursday afternoon is scheduled for our Run-A-Thon at this time. Hopefully the rain holds off!

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read at least 20 minutes

Science- Ecosystems vocab quiz Thursday

Math- 2-5 HW worksheet page EVENS (we did the ODDS last night).  Topic 2 test Tuesday- use study guide.

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