March 19, 2019

We are starting our landform papers in Science. In Integrated Tech the kids researched and saved at least 2 online resources to their Google Drives. The kids who were absent had time provided during recess or the following Tech class to make it up. Today, in Science, we went to the Computer Lab to print off the 2 resources on their General Landform that they chose. Then, the kids went on to gather another resource on a specific landform they wanted to write about. They were asked to go home and think about/online research with parents permission so we could print quickly. If kids didn’t get their 2 general resources and 1 specific resource printed, they either need to do it tonight at home or I am giving them time during recess tomorrow. (especially those who don’t have access) So, when your child shows up for class tomorrow, they will have the needed 3 resources. The entire paper is done in class and nothing will be done at home. Most of the points will come from the process and the check ins that we will have. The first check in is tomorrow with their resources. Many kids were able to get all 3 resources printed since they had a specific landform chosen before class, as asked. We start tomorrow with mini lessons on how to read and take notes on their general landform.

In Math, we are having a fractions quiz tomorrow on comparing fractions and equivalent fractions. We went on to decomposing fractions and improper fractions and mixed numbers yesterday. We will be moving on to Adding and Subtracting Fractions and then multiplying fractions after the break. We still have many many kids who are not fluent with their Math Facts. This is preventing them from completing fraction work since it is 100% math facts. Please work on this at home since it isn’t a fourth grade standard to teach. We spend out time using our math facts and deepening our knowledge of them in 4th but we can’t spend time learning them. 10-15 minutes is a fast and easy way to help your child succeed.

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read and Log. Reading Logs are due with at least 140 minutes of reading and parent’s signature on Friday. There will be no reading logs during break.

Science- 2 printed online resources for general landform and 1 specific landform printed resource due tomorrow- see above. Many kids were able to do this during our class time.

Social Studies- Road to Statehood test on Friday. See Study Guide

Math- Study for fractions quiz tomorrow- equivalent and compare and order


I am currently a fourth grade teacher at Kenston Intermediate School and have been for the past 10 years. I grew up in Bainbridge and graduated from Kenston High School. I attended Kent State University and received my Bachelors of Science in Education and have a Masters of Reading and a Reading Endorsement as well. I enjoy gardening, reading and hanging out with my three boys, chickens and my dog.
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