January 17, 2019

Congratulations to our 2 spellers! Yesterday, Ava was one of our 4 spellers to move on and Andrew was number 6 in the grade! Kiddos ,aster spellers. I was out in round 3 myself after Ava’s word- “pored”. I added a “u” which would have been a totally different word!!!

Our Neil Armstrong Passion Projects turned out great! The kids did a fantastic job marrying the “learning” aspect with their interest. They were able to demonstrate their mastery of the content standards in an engaging and personal way! We had basketballs, ice skates, cupcakes made out of foam, an art pallet, a doll house, soccer ball, army helmet, and so much more! I’m really proud of them. What I would love to see them do better is to write down their assignments in the morning! They are given a block of time in the morning before anything to write down their assignments. Many kids are slacking off and haven’t been writing them completely or at all. I told the kids that I am treating them more like 5th graders now and no one holds their hand in the 5th grade hallway to write down homework. I give them the time, it is written on the Smart Board and I verbally remind the kids to do it. That’s all! If you aren’t seeing Math homework in your child’s Assignment Notebook Monday through Friday, then they didn’t write it down. We have HW every night except Friday night. Read 20 minutes should be in every night. Many kids didn’t write down that they had a SS map skills quiz today. I’m not sure who they couldn’t know. We’ve been practicing every morning for morning work, I handed out extra empty maps each day to use and Miss Monroe has said it EVERY day. Please talk to your child is this is an issue for your family.

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read 20 minutes

SS- French and Indian Vocabulary quiz next Thursday- Kids got a YELLOW sheet with words to study

Math- Division test this coming Tuesday. Tonight they need to complete 4 problems that mimic a few that will be on the test. They have a large packet of notes to help!

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I am currently a fourth grade teacher at Kenston Intermediate School and have been for the past 10 years. I grew up in Bainbridge and graduated from Kenston High School. I attended Kent State University and received my Bachelors of Science in Education and have a Masters of Reading and a Reading Endorsement as well. I enjoy gardening, reading and hanging out with my three boys, chickens and my dog.
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