March 19, 2019

We are starting our landform papers in Science. In Integrated Tech the kids researched and saved at least 2 online resources to their Google Drives. The kids who were absent had time provided during recess or the following Tech class to make it up. Today, in Science, we went to the Computer Lab to print off the 2 resources on their General Landform that they chose. Then, the kids went on to gather another resource on a specific landform they wanted to write about. They were asked to go home and think about/online research with parents permission so we could print quickly. If kids didn’t get their 2 general resources and 1 specific resource printed, they either need to do it tonight at home or I am giving them time during recess tomorrow. (especially those who don’t have access) So, when your child shows up for class tomorrow, they will have the needed 3 resources. The entire paper is done in class and nothing will be done at home. Most of the points will come from the process and the check ins that we will have. The first check in is tomorrow with their resources. Many kids were able to get all 3 resources printed since they had a specific landform chosen before class, as asked. We start tomorrow with mini lessons on how to read and take notes on their general landform.

In Math, we are having a fractions quiz tomorrow on comparing fractions and equivalent fractions. We went on to decomposing fractions and improper fractions and mixed numbers yesterday. We will be moving on to Adding and Subtracting Fractions and then multiplying fractions after the break. We still have many many kids who are not fluent with their Math Facts. This is preventing them from completing fraction work since it is 100% math facts. Please work on this at home since it isn’t a fourth grade standard to teach. We spend out time using our math facts and deepening our knowledge of them in 4th but we can’t spend time learning them. 10-15 minutes is a fast and easy way to help your child succeed.

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read and Log. Reading Logs are due with at least 140 minutes of reading and parent’s signature on Friday. There will be no reading logs during break.

Science- 2 printed online resources for general landform and 1 specific landform printed resource due tomorrow- see above. Many kids were able to do this during our class time.

Social Studies- Road to Statehood test on Friday. See Study Guide

Math- Study for fractions quiz tomorrow- equivalent and compare and order

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February 20, 2019

Today, I collected the Iditarod Parent Letter and I also grabbed the Reading Logs. This is really for protection from the kiddos. They are really tempted to start the Reading Log already even when we have talked for hours it seems about Friday afternoon at 3:30 being the start date! They will get theirs back on Friday on the way out the door most likely! In Math, we are done reviewing the basics of fractions and we are heading straight into new waters. We are really looking at understanding what fractions are rather than simply adding, subtracting, and multiplying them. Fourth grade delves into looking at fractions more deeply. Today, we colored and cut fraction bars so we always have a visual representation of fractions when we are working with anything new or difficult. They can always be brought out at school or at home to help solve something! We looked at using 3/6 and then finding other fractions that were equal to it with our pieces. We continued to practice that and then we started to look at the 3/6 and 4/8 or 1/2. These were all answers to the question – What other fractions are the same size. We looked at patterns within the numbers of numerators and denominators. This is the fourth grade hurtle- looking at things mathematically after we confirm with visuals. Seeing that the numerators are all half of the denominators helps us use Math instead of visuals if I give them the denominator of 100. They will know that half of 100 is 50 and that should be the numerator. If the kids had to create 100ths and then cut out 100 teeny tiny pieces, I would be 80 years old and kn a wheelchair!! The kids have 3 questions for homework tonight that we went over extensively. In ELA, we are wrapping up our book groups on our biographies. Our focus next week will be on mini lessons on Summarizing smaller texts before we go into another book group. Important Note: Our attention to our lessons have been slacking off lately- especially in Math. I know it is in the morning but that is when we are at our best. Many kids are not paying attention to directions, important elements of the lesson and then are surprised that they do the wrong task, it’s incomplete, they have to redo it or it is simply wrong, or they have no idea how to do it in the first place. Fourth grade is soon becoming more like 5th grade in the expectations and the students really need to buckle down and put forth their best effort!! We have talked and talked and talked about this in class and I am at the point where I don’t restate instructions anymore and if they miss it, they have to figure it out on their own time but the rest of the class is moving on. Hopefully they figure out that attention and time on task is important to learning! Fingers crossed!!

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read at least 20 minutes

Social Studies- European Settlers and Revolutionary War test tomorrow

Math- Fraction worksheet-use fraction bars in baggie. all is in HW folder.

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February 19, 2019

Even though the actual Iditarod race doesn’t begin until the first weekend in March, we have started in our classroom. Today, we passed out and explained our Reading Race Log which will chart our progress across the giant wall size map in our room. For each minute or page they read, their dog will move a mile across the map. The goal is to reach the Nome which is 998 miles. The mushers take approximately 8-9 days to finish but the class will take 4-5 weeks. There is a parent letter going home tonight that your child MUST read aloud to at least one parent. If both parents are available I suggested both parents listen. The letter outlines the role of the Weekly Reading Log, which is a weekly grade as well. The majority of the work is your child’s but you do need to sign every Thursday night so they can turn it in on Friday. There is NO READING LOG this week. It starts this Friday. We are taking the week to discuss and prepare and get excited for our Iditarod Unit. We will be picking a musher to follow and we will map their progress as well. We will be getting video updates daily during the race. This is a fantastically engaging time of the year!

Reading- Read at least 20 minutes. PARENT must read and sign the Iditarod parent letter and turn in tomorrow.

Social Studies: European Settlers/Revolutionary War test on Thursday

3rd quarter bonus point opportunity- bring up to 5 paper bags in to earn up to 5 points!

Hawaiian Day is this Friday!!! Aloha!!

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January 28, 2019

Welcome to another week of cold weather! Continue to have your child bundled up each day. We are hoping to get out if wind chills aren’t cold enough to peel the skin off our faces!! This week we are finishing up our Inventor Book Groups in ELA. The kids are working on the skill of finding the Main Idea in chapters. In small groups, we are continuing to practice finding the text structure of articles as well as finding the Main Idea. Their booklet is their assessment for the books. We will be reading another Who Was book to compare to our Inventor Who Was book afterwards. In Science, we are off to a great start with our Invention Convention. Each class has landed on a problem they face- One class went with how to keep siblings out of their rooms and the other group went with the problem of the toilet paper roll never being replaced when it is finished. I love both problems!!! We will have a special guest come in next week. Brady’s mom from Miss Monroe’s class is coming to talk about the patents that she and Brady’s grandpa have received and the process that they go through when they have an invention! We are looking forward to that!!!

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read at least 20 minutes

Science- Volcano vocab and diagram quiz on Friday. There are 15 words on notecards and the diagram of the volcano is in their notes. We practice each day with the words!!

Math- Review what you know worksheet with the circled problems only!

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January 17, 2019

Congratulations to our 2 spellers! Yesterday, Ava was one of our 4 spellers to move on and Andrew was number 6 in the grade! Kiddos ,aster spellers. I was out in round 3 myself after Ava’s word- “pored”. I added a “u” which would have been a totally different word!!!

Our Neil Armstrong Passion Projects turned out great! The kids did a fantastic job marrying the “learning” aspect with their interest. They were able to demonstrate their mastery of the content standards in an engaging and personal way! We had basketballs, ice skates, cupcakes made out of foam, an art pallet, a doll house, soccer ball, army helmet, and so much more! I’m really proud of them. What I would love to see them do better is to write down their assignments in the morning! They are given a block of time in the morning before anything to write down their assignments. Many kids are slacking off and haven’t been writing them completely or at all. I told the kids that I am treating them more like 5th graders now and no one holds their hand in the 5th grade hallway to write down homework. I give them the time, it is written on the Smart Board and I verbally remind the kids to do it. That’s all! If you aren’t seeing Math homework in your child’s Assignment Notebook Monday through Friday, then they didn’t write it down. We have HW every night except Friday night. Read 20 minutes should be in every night. Many kids didn’t write down that they had a SS map skills quiz today. I’m not sure who they couldn’t know. We’ve been practicing every morning for morning work, I handed out extra empty maps each day to use and Miss Monroe has said it EVERY day. Please talk to your child is this is an issue for your family.

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read 20 minutes

SS- French and Indian Vocabulary quiz next Thursday- Kids got a YELLOW sheet with words to study

Math- Division test this coming Tuesday. Tonight they need to complete 4 problems that mimic a few that will be on the test. They have a large packet of notes to help!

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January 7, 2019

Happy New Year! The first day back is always slow going. We all walk into the room and have to remind ourselves where our desks and lockers are at and what we need to get done. It started off quiet but the more the kids filtered in, the more they got excited to see each other! We are working on our final Neil Armstrong project. Instead of having a paper and pencil test, the kids have chosen ONE content standard that we have been working on lately to apply to our Who Was Neil Armstrong book. They had their choice between NF Text Features, NF Text Structures, Character Traits, or Main Idea. They have been working hard in class with their books and notes doing the “Dog Work” part of the project. They are almost ready to get to the passion part of it. The kids were asked to brainstorm about what they like in life- hobby, friends, travel, sports, etc. Then we looked at how we can incorporate their passion with their Neil Project. So, the manner in which they present their Neil Work will be in their Passion. For example, we looked at how someone really loved all things military. They used a plastic helmet laying around and put green and brown duck tape on it to resemble camouflage. Then they wrote their Neil work on the camo parts. Another person loved nature and the sun. They created a sun out of an old volleyball and cardboard paper with a lot of yellow duct tape. They wrote their Neil work on the rays. We are working on this in class this week and kids can bring in materials from home. They don’t need to though to have fun. They can simply use the materials here to draw something on poster board. The final project is due next Monday, January 14th.

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read at least 20 minutes. Final Neil Armstrong project due Monday 1/14- see above for details

Math- Multiplication wksht

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December 6, 2018

Wow! What a week that week! We are still coming down off of our Football Win!! In class this week, we have been busy putting our writing skills to work in ELA and Social Studies. In ELA we are learning more about the nonfiction text structure of compare and contrast. We have been looking at Scholastic News articles galore as well as our whole class read aloud of Who Was Neil Armstrong. We are using Neil Armstrong and Chuck Yeager to create our own compare and contrast multi paragraph essay. We have learned the different ways we could format a compare and contrast essay. We could put all the similarities together and then discuss the differences. We could discuss one person first and then the other after. The choice that most of the kids saw was the best for them was to go back and forth between the two. It’s a hybrid method! In math, we are wrapping up our two digit by two digit multiplication unit. Our test is on Tuesday. They have a study guide to use in their Homework Folder. There are always problems in their packet which are no done. They can do those to help study. We will be sending home more things to study with tomorrow.

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read at LEAST 20 minutes

Math- practice math facts!!! This is a must. Complete the multiplication sheet for tomorrow. 

Important Announcement: Student Council is selling Holiday Grams for 25 cents next week during lunch. The kids can send any student or staff a holiday message along with a cute pencil eraser. 

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November 19, 2018

This is a short week but we are packing a lot into it! We continue to learn more about how nonfiction texts are organized by authors. Articles and stories utilize 5 main structures: Sequencing, Cause and Effect, Compare and Contrast, Description, and Problem and Solution. The hard part is that articles and stories can have many of these characteristics with in them, but they have to have a main way they are organized. A story that focused on the problem of polluting the ocean is full of causes with effects. If the story doesn’t give clear solutions, it can’t be problem and solution. It may be cause and effect. These structures will be discussed through out the rest of this year and beyond. It is that important!! In math, we are trampling through Topic 4 which is an extension of Topic 3. We are multiplying 2-3 digits by 2-3 digit numbers. As you saw from Topic 3 test, many kids still need significant help with their math facts and slowing down to make less errors. There were many “not reading carefully” errors. All questions need to me read carefully. I tell the kids that if there was a prize of ONE MILLION dollars attached to every correct answer, I wouldn’t see many errors being made!

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read at least 20 minutes

Math- finish 3-7 Pearson Homework buddy. A few kids didn’t do that last one due to being absent so 3 kids need to do 1-2 as well. The have until Wednesday at some point. 

4th grade Music Concert is NEXT Wednesday November 28th at Timmons. See you there!

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November 12, 2018

Image result for veterans day video for kids

We had a wonderful Veteran’s Day Assembly this morning. We heard from Major Galicki, a Kenston graduate about what it means to be a veteran and how he decided he wanted to join the Army. We then heard about the Honor Flight Program. We heard from a veteran who was taken to the memorials in DC and we also heard from a guardian who was his escort on the trip. It is a fascinating group! We took our Topic 3 Math test today as well. The assembly was so good and ran longer than expected, we started our Math test before lunch and finished it afterwards.

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read at least 20 minutes

S.S.- Government test on Wednesday. Last chance to review is tomorrow in class!!

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November 6, 2018

Book Fair is in full swing. 4th grade had Breakfast with Books this morning and tomorrow night there is a popcorn and pajamas opportunity! There are so many amazing great books in there!! Veteran’s Day is quickly approaching. The kids have been learning more about this special day to honor the country’s heros and heroines. Our school assembly is next week and the kids will be hearing from local Kenston Graduates who are serving in our military. There will also be a presentation on Honor Flight, which is a service for WWII veterans to see their own memorials. There will be a WWII veteran here to speak to the kids. It will be a super fantastic opportunity for the kids to hear his speak. There aren’t that many WWII veterans left who can share their experiences serving in that particular war. Don’t forget- our 4th grade Music Concert is November 28th st Timmons. Put it on your calendars!! The kids have been practicing like crazy. It will be a fun night. We also have a Math test on Topic 3 coming up. We really need to focus on our Math Facts. When we took our Quick Check today, many kids got hung up on the Math facts which create an incorrect problem. Practicing every night is essential!!!

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading- Read at least 20 minutes. 

Math- Pg. 125-126 EVENS only. We did the ODDS last night. Topic 3 test Monday- they need to know all 4 ways of multiplying and to know the difference. They will be asked to solve 134 x 6 using distributive only or Area model only. They need to understand the difference. Many kids still need help!

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