March 5th – 9th

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Enjoy the 3-day weekend but don’t forget to prepare for our Biogeochemical Test!  We will postpone it until Wednesday, March 7th because of the snow day. Study using your text, your notes, your purple Unit Review Sheet, and the many excellent, short YouTube videos available on the cycles.  We viewed a few in class but there are many good ones to help you.  FIND THE KAHOOT REVIEW HERE.

This is the last week of the 3rd quarter so it is important that you check your Infinite Campus status and speak to me if necessary.  Please bring in a strong water or juice bottle (about 500 – 1,000 mL) for Wednesday.  Some of the flavored water bottles would be perfect as they are a bit stronger than typical water bottles. 2 liter bottles are a little too big for this activity, but they could work.

Monday, March 5:  KMS guidance counselors will be speaking to you about your 8th grade schedules!  Yes, you are that close!  Teams that haven’t yet presented will complete Biogeochemical Presentations.

Tuesday, March 6:  We will review for the test using Kahoot,  I’ll have chrome books available.

Wednesday, March 7: Biogeochemical Test today using Edulastic platform.  Bring all Science materials to class. Be sure to have your larger (500-1,000 mL), strong water/juice bottle today.  Your purple Unit Review Sheet will be collected today.  Be sure to bring it to class completed. You may begin reading Chapter 20, Section 3 in class and finish for homework.  

Thursday, March 8:   We will begin our Ecology Study today.  Possible reading check over Chapter 20, Section 3.  We’ve learned that biotic and abiotic features of an ecosystem are interconnected so we will conduct a few water purification experiments.

Friday, March 9:  Finish water purification experiments.  End of 3rd quarter, 7th grade!

Monday, March 12:  No School – Teacher Professional/Work Day