March 19th – March 23rd

Students determine the size of an animal population by working together on a Mark/Recapture Lab.

We had a great week of science as we completed an owl simulation, worked on a water purification lab, and explored the amazing transformation of Yellowstone National Park as a result of the reintroduction of wolves!  Review using this.Ecology Quizlet

Science Ecology Test:  Friday, April 6th  

Monday, March 19th:   An Internet Safety Expert, Jesse Weinberger will make a presentation to 7th Grade Team Justice.  We will finish each of the Ecology Stations and review our work.

Tuesday, March 20th:  We will explore Trophic Pyramids and the characteristics of each trophic level, along with Food Webs, and Exponential Growth.

Wednesday, March 21st:  Our focus today will be on the Carrying Capacity of an ecosystem through the use of an otter population simulation and graphs.

Thursday, March 22nd:  We will begin our study of Symbiotic Relationships.

Friday, March 23rd:  We will continue our study of Symbiotic Relationships and examine some amazing examples from nature.

Enjoy a wonderful, refreshing Spring Break!