February 5 – February 9

A hike to Ansel’s Cave at Westwoods and my own front yard remind me how amazing plant and animal adaptations are in the temperate zone!  We are pretty adaptable around here!

As we move through Chapter 4, we are learning about factors that affect temperature and precipitation.  As we explore six major climate regions we will also investigate causes for long term and short term climate changes.  Click on this link for Chapter 4 Learning Targets. 

Monday,  2/5:  Today is the due date for those temperature and climate zone maps assigned last Thursday.  We’ll start a climate graphing activity in class that will give us insights into averages and climate patterns.   Be sure your notes are in order for our Notebook Check tomorrow. 

Tuesday, 2/6:   Science Notes Check/Grade Be sure the city graphing part of the Cool Climate activity is done when you come to class.  You need to answer the 6 questions together as a team today.  Time to draw conclusions from our graphing activity.  We’ll use the graphs made yesterday to review concepts and draw conclusions.  Tonight please read text pages 130 – 134 for homework.  Learn about causes for long term changes in climate. 

Wednesday, 2/7:  Open Packet Quiz over Cool Climate Graphing Activity  After the brief quiz, we’ll use our Chapter 4 Slides to take notes over long and short term climate changes.  We’ll also investigate changes in our ozone layer.  

Thursday, 2/8:  An on-line Climate Change Expedition will give us the chance to calculate our own carbon footprint as well as visit various climate regions and examine the effects of global warming in each.

Friday, 2/9: We’ll have a 2nd day of Chromebook work as we finish up our Climate Change Expedition.  You will complete an Open-Note Quiz on Edulastic over Chapter 4.