Wrapping up 2018!

We had a blast with our 7th grade Rocketeers!!  Well done!

January 11th is the final due date for your Science Documentary Assignment.  See your notes or Google Classroom for the assignment details.  Please offer it 7th grade quality.  Remember, you received this assignment the first week of school and can turn it in any day before January 11th.  Don’t wait!

Wednesday, 12/12:  Open Note Quiz  –  Start to review for Chapter 3 Weather Test next week!  Use the review guide, notes, and text.  I’ll post the Kahoot after we use it in class on Monday.  Google Slide Notes.

Thursday 12/13 – Friday, 12/14:  We will apply knowledge of weather map symbols and how to interpret them by constructing a map using weather station readings.  We’ll use the map to make weather predictions.  Review for test on Tuesday!

Monday, 12/17:  Kahoot and review for Chapter 3 Test

Tuesday, 12/18:  Chapter 3 Weather Test

Wednesday, 12/19: STEM activity

Thursday, 12/20:  STEM activity

Friday, 12/21: School wide holiday schedule/activities

November 19th – November 30th Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday 11/19 – Tuesday 11/20:  We’ll be tracking rubber ducks across the ocean blue as we study where global ocean currents flow and how they form!


Monday 11/26: Review for Chapter 2 test.  Find Chapter 2 KAHOOT REVIEW HERE.

Tuesday 11/27:  Grade Science Notebooks

Wednesday 11/28:   Chapter 2 Weather Test – While this is an Open Note Test, it still requires review of concepts to do well.  Please study the gold review sheet you have in your notes as well as all handouts, study guides, and text.  Use this link to the Weather Test Chapter 2 Review Guide

Thursday 11/29:  We’ll begin our exploration of air masses and fronts with a fluid density lab!  Yup!  It’s my favorite property!

Friday 11/30:  We begin Chapter 3 with an exploration of air masses (text pages 72-74)

October 29th – November 2nd

Monday 10/29:  Today we start our study of the factors that make up weather and how they are measured.  We’ll start with how Earth receives energy from the sun.  We will study text pages 36-39 this week.

Tuesday 10/30:  You will have an opportunity to select a weather instrument for an in-depth study.  We will spend time researching and building a model of a weather instrument for a presentation to the class.  Search your home and recycle bin for supplies to build your weather instrument.  Bring them in for use by Friday.

Wednesday 10/31:  Happy Halloween!!  We will define and explore properties and uses for polymers.

Thursday 11/1:  As we rebound from Halloween sugar, we’ll examine different types of polymers and discuss how our economy benefits from this technology.

Friday 11/2:  We continue our weather instrument research and model building.

October 22nd – 26th

Officer DiSanto did a terrific job explaining and showing us how different fields of science impact his job.  Students have done a terrific job composing paragraphs summarizing his visit!  Good work!

Science Test over Chapter One on Friday, 10/26.  Review carefully with this link to the  Fagerholm Review Guide for Chapter One Test.

Monday, 10/22:  Layers of Earth’s Atmosphere graphing activity.  We’ll also start Section 4 in the text on Air Quality (text pages 22-25).

Tuesday, 10/23:  Atmosphere Labs and air quality discussion

Wednesday, 10/24:  Smog City Computer Simulation   (On Line Text extra credit option due today.)

Thursday, 10/25:  Review for Chapter 1 Test.

Friday, 10/26:  Chapter One Test

October 15th – 19th

Cruising in the police cruiser during Officer DiSanto’s Presentation.  See more photos at the end of this post!

Monday, 10/15:  Field Trip Presentations showed us that science is everywhere.  Today we will explore how science is in all career choices as well!  Bainbridge Police Officer DiSanto will visit our science class and share the many fields of science that are involved in his daily work.  A paragraph assignment is posted on Google Classroom under the topic bar Guest Speakers which is due on THURSDAY.

Tuesday, 10/16:  Be sure to walk into class with your Science Notes.  We will be grading them in class.  Please bring your text as well since you will receive the next unit’s text on Weather.  We’ll start taking notes on weather concepts.

Wednesday, 10/17:  We’ll continue our exploration of weather through a Google Slide presentation, discussion, and notes.

Thursday, 10/18:  Quiz over weather notes.  We’ll begin a graphing activity depicting the layers of the atmosphere and identifying key characteristics of each.

Friday, 10/19:  We’ll complete our graphing activity showing the identifying characteristics of each layer of our atmosphere.

October 8th – 12th


Wow! Your Field Trip Presentations have shown us science is everywhere!!  We have explored many fields of science through your experiences, from vacuum pumps to rotary pistons, concussions, and honey bees!

Chapter One Test:  Thursday, Oct. 11th  Astronomy Test Review Guide

Notes will be graded on Tuesday, Oct. 16th

I will be available during lunch time on Tuesday, 10/9 and Thursday 10/11.

Monday:  We’ll sandwich a little fun into our exploration of moon phases with our Oreo Phases Activity!  Spring and neap tides will be discussed using the slides posted in Google Classroom and our text. (pages 26-27)

Tuesday:  Final review from our purple review sheet, YouTubes, and notes.  Come to class with questions!!

Wednesday:  Kahoot Review

Thursday:  Chapter One Astronomy Test  (Don’t forget, Notebooks are due on Tuesday, 10/16.)

Friday:  Teacher Work Day – No School for You!  🙂

October 1st – 5th

This week we will complete all Parent/Student Field Trip presentations.  As we finish each day, we will conclude our exploration of gravity and the factors that influence it.  We will begin our exploration of moon phases and eclipses.  Your completed Gravity Packet (pink) is due Tuesday (10/2) during class. 

Ms. Burton is conducting a 7th Grade Camp Meeting on Wednesday at 6:00 P.M. at KMS in the Betty Patton Room.  Additional information may be found at the following  link   .7th Grade Camp Information Sheet

Please read textbook pages 20-23 by Tuesday.  2 question comprehension check possible.

Please read textbook pages 24-25 by Friday.  2 question comprehension check possible.  We will take notes on eclipses and tides.

Chapter One: Earth, Moon and Sun TEST will be on Thursday, 10/11.


I am available during lunch (6th Period) on Tuesday (10/2), Thursday (10/4) and Friday (10/5).  Please feel free to use that time to ask questions or review science, or as a study hall for any homework in any subject you may wish to complete during school hours.

Extra Credit:  Complete Gizmo Student Exploration: Gravity Pitch ,Activity C Please submit through Google Classroom in the Extra Credit Topic section. Due date: Monday, 10/8.  Possible Points: 8

Sept. 24th – 28th

Mrs. Fagerholm’s field trip was to the hydroponics greenhouse at Lake Farm Park!  That’s her daughter, Clare, wielding the giant trowel.

This week is devoted to your Field Trip Presentations!  Tucked around them, we will explore the difference between mass and weight as we move into our study of gravity. We will not know exactly what time our presentations finish each day, so we will be flexible!

Days when I will be available during your lunch period are:  Tuesday 9/25 and Thursday 9/27.

September 17th – 21st


Hot air balloon over Kent Music Festival…Density at work!  Early winter at KMS? Actually it’s dripping tree sap!

Classroom Lunch: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

All activities this week are contingent upon the timing of Field Trip Presentations  Monday 9/17 – Tuesday 9/18:  We’ll explore how our earth moves in space using Google Slides, YouTubes, notes, and a Gizmo activity.

Wednesday 9/19:  We’ll compare and contrast concepts on a venn diagram, explore equinox’s and solstices, and review motion of earth concepts with some motion!  Read pages 16-19 to prepare for Thursday’s activities.

Thursday 9/20:  Quiz over Earth in Space concepts through text page 15.  After the quiz we’ll begin an exploration of mass vs. weight, inertia and gravity.

Friday 9/21:  Gravity differences on planets of our solar system activity.

Extra Credit:  Click on the following link for a Density Tower extra credit assignment.  Don’t forget to submit written portion as well as the photo!  Points:  Up to 8 pts.  Due Date:  Friday, September 21

September 10th – September 14th

We completed our Bubble Gum Scientific Method and Measurement Lab last week and we’ll be turning in the lab report on Tuesday!

Monday, 9/10:  Quiz over Dependent/Independent Variables, Scientific Method, Measurement, and Density.  The review sheet I gave you last week will be very helpful in preparing for this quiz.

Tuesday, 9/11: We’ll begin our exploration of astronomy and the Earth’s movement in space in relationship to the sun.  We will be using our astronomy text book and a Google Slide presentation.  Bubble Gum Lab Report will be due in Google Classroom by the end of the day.

Wednesday, 9/12: Bubble Gum Lab Packet will be due at the beginning of class.  We continue our introduction to Earth’s movement through space.

Thursday, 9/13: A sequence of YouTube videos on your Google Classroom account will allow us to explore key concepts.  I look forward to meeting many of your parents again during tonight’s Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Friday, 9/14:  Our galaxy and beyond will be our classroom today as we are inspired by the “Wonders of the Universe” National Geographic documentary.

Extra Credit:  Click on the following link for a Density Tower extra credit assignment.  Points:  Up to 8 pts.  Due Date:  Friday, September 21