Wrapping Up April!

Our Element Wanted Poster is due April 29th (Monday) along with a 1 minute presentation.  Don’t forget your MLA formatted Reference Page. 


Prep Day

(core subjects)

Testing Days

Testing Times

Language Arts

Monday, April 15th

Tuesday, April 16th

Wednesday, April 17th

120 min


Tuesday, April 30th

Wednesday, May 1st

Thursday, May 2nd

90 minutes


April 1st – 5th

WELCOME BACK!  Hope your Spring Break was fun and refreshing!

This week we’ll start by identifying characteristics of each part of the atom.  We’ll develop an understanding of how the periodic table is organized and structured, then explore the difference between elements and molecules.  We’ll wrap up the week drawing Bohr and Lewis Models of electron configurations.  Expect a quiz toward the end of the week.

Check out pictures of our Exothermic and Endothermic Reaction Lab below:


March 18th – 22nd

Monday, 3/18:  We’ll wrap up our Ecology Unit with a discussion of invasive species and carrying capacity.

Tuesday, 3/19:  Review for Ecology Test

Wednesday, 3/20:  Ecology Test

Thursday, 3/21:  Note Books Graded today

Friday, 3/22:  Science Activity

View Extra Credit Option due Friday, April 12 on Google Classroom.  Biomagnification/Bioaccumulation

March 4th – 8th

Monday, 3/4: Complete Biogeochemical Presentations, view Mars entry vehicle YouTube “7 Minutes of Terror”, begin anIntroduction to how energy flows through an ecosystem (Lesson 3 in Chapter 20).

Tuesday, 3/5: Energy Ecosystems worksheet 43/44 is due today.  We’ll finish our discussion of biospaces and start an exploration of trophic levels and energy pyramids (text page 728.)

Wednesday, 3/6:  We’ll finish our discussion of Energy Pyramids and begin a study of food webs.

Thursday, 3/7:  Quiz over the week’s work: Biospaces (niche, habitat, population, community, ecosystem, organism, etc.), Energy Pyramids, Food Chains and Food Webs.

February 25th – March 1st

Kahoot Review for Biogeochmical Test

Monday, 2/25:  Biogeochemical Review Worksheet is due.  We’ll spend a short time on the BGC Posters and continue work on The Carbon Cycle Gizmo simulation.

Tuesday, 2/26: Teams will present and explain Biogeochemical Posters.

Wednesday, 2/27:  Review for Biogeochemical Test with Kahoot and Quizizz activities.

Thursday, 2/28:  Open Note Biogeochemical Test

Friday, 3/1: 8th Grade Honors Science Candidate Test – There is no study or preparation for this assessment.

February 18th – 22nd

TEST DATE CHANGE!    Biogeochemical TEST:  THURSDAY, 2/28th   TEST DATE CHANGE!  Time to use the Target Objectives hand out you received at the beginning of the unit.  View posted videos, notes, assignments, and the flip chart book we’ve constructed and reviewed in class.

Extra Credit:  (Possible 10 points) Due Date – March 4th  (See Google Classroom under the Extra Credit topic bar)  Visit the Geauga Park District West Woods Nature Center “discARTed recycled art exhibition.  Take a picture of 5 of your favorite exhibits.  Write 3 sentences about each.  1.  What materials were used.  2.  How the art piece was constructed and how the recycled materials are used.  3. Why this piece of art seems special to you.  

Monday, 2/18:  No School – President’s Day

Tuesday, 2/19:  We’ll finish up our Engineering Design Re-Entry Vehicle Activity and explore the Phosphorus Cycle.  Take a moment to view our Re-Entry Vehicle pictures below!

Wednesday, 2/20:  A Carbon Cycle Gizmo computer simulation will help us review this important element’s flows and reservoirs.

Thursday, 2/21:  We’ll be busy with an activity that allows us to examine the interconnections between the different biogeochemical cycles.

Friday, 2/22:  Time to wrap things up and make connections with our new knowledge!

February 11 – 16th

Image result for valentines day clipart

Monday, 2/11: After reviewing the hydrologic, carbon, and oxygen cycles, we’ll draw and label the parts of the Nitrogen Cycle.

Tuesday, 2/12:  Quiz over the hydrologic, carbon, and oxygen cycles and biotic and abiotic features of an ecosystem.  We’ll revisit the Nitrogen Cycle with an activity.

Wednesday, 2/13: We’ll finish up the Nitrogen Cycle and the Phosphorus Cycle and start a STEM Activity

Thursday, 2/14:  STEM Activity Happy Valentine’s Day!

Friday, 2/15:  No School – Teacher Professional Development and Work Day

February 4th – 8th

Great on-scene reporting right here at KMS by our local newscasters!

Monday, 2/4:  We finish up our Weather Presentations today!  Read pages 707-709 in your new Life Science textbook for Tuesday.

Tuesday, 2/5:  An exploration of the biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere will launch our Ecology Unit.  We’ll trace the path elements take in their cycles through these regions of our planet. Read pages 713-714 in your Life Science textbook for Wednesday.

Wednesday, 2/6 – Friday, 2/8 :  We’ll focus on the many processes and reservoirs of the hydrologic and carbon cycles using text, video, and activities.  Read pages 718-719 in your Life Science textbook for Thursday.

January 28th – February 1st

After a busy week researching and composing scripts, we are READY to perform our Weather Newscasts!


  • Be sure you have one copy of the script for Mrs. Fagerholm the day of your presentation.
  • Proofread your script for the following:
    • Spelling
    • Capitalization of proper nouns and the pronoun “I”
    • Punctuation
    • Complete sentences.  Break up run-on sentences.  Use 7th grade level vocabulary and sentence structure.

Monday, 1/28th – Wednesday, 1/30th:  Students will present Weather Newscasts to the class for a grade.

Thursday, 1/31st:  Introduction to our Ecosystem Unit with an exploration of Biodiversity

Friday, 2/1st:  After reporting to class, Ms. Burton will conduct a meeting about 7th Grade Camp and give you an envelope of paper work that needs to be filled out by a parent.

January 21st – 25th

NASA Scientist, Emily Rosine, will be contacting us this week!  There are still a few openings if you are interested in being part of this interview.  Just send me an email expressing your interest.

Monday, 1/21:  Martin Luther King Day

Tuesday, 1/22:  Research and identify interesting and informative information for your portion of the Weather Forecast Project.  Watch weather newscasts to get ideas 

Wednesday, 1/23: Notebook Check Today. (May be postponed one day depending on NASA scientist’s schedule for virtual visit.)  Work on finishing your research and start shaping your research into a script.

Thursday, 1/24: Refine your script and create the Google Slides that will form the background for your presentation.

Friday, 1/25:  Practice your presentation for smooth delivery, eye contact, and use of props.

Presentations:  Monday, January 28- Topeka, KS,  Portland, OR

                         Tuesday, January 29- Reno, NV, New York, NY

                         Wednesday, January 30- Cincinnati, OH, Baton Rouge, LA