Capital Improvement Budget Summaries

In late 2014, District Directors created a District Facilities Needs Assessment and budget for the projects to be included in the $10 million bond issue. Upon passage of the Bond Issue in May 2015, architects and engineers were hired to evaluate and create detailed job specifications and bids for each project. The updated information is reflected in the Revised Cost Estimate.
As the projects develop, we will continue to update the data herein. The Budget Narratives provide a brief explanation of each project component, together with our obligations in each area, and the Budget Summary provides the same data in a comparison spreadsheet format. The Updates page will display updates from various projects, and may contain pictures, a deeper explanation, or other resources.

If you have questions about the data, or would like more information, please contact members of the Board of Education’s Finance Committee directly.

Thomas Manning

Beth Ward

Bond Funding Construction Report